When you’re going through a business combination, accounting can be an afterthought

During an acquisition, your decision-makers are likely more focused on closing the deal than on its impact to financial reporting. But the earlier you can understand the related accounting and disclosure requirements, the smoother your financial reporting process will be.

Determining the accounting early in the acquisition process may help you avoid unexpected audit adjustments or internal control weaknesses associated with the acquisition accounting. Plus, it will be one less obstacle in the way of meeting your financial reporting deadlines.

Day-to-day accounting keeps you busy – and a business combination can strain your resources

If you’re managing an acquisition on top of your other accounting duties, the extra work and added complexity can be daunting – especially when you need to keep everything running smoothly and accurately. And if you’ve never been through an acquisition before, you likely don’t have the expertise on your team to understand the specific needs and complexities you might face.

  • Business combinations can be a great opportunity, but to take advantage of a hot market, you need to scale your team (and your expertise) quickly. But you don’t have to do it alone – our team can help you manage every part of the process.

During an acquisition, it’s vital to get trusted accounting advice from a team with deep expertise in all the nuances of business combinations. But every business is different – which means you need a plan that takes your specific needs, goals, and timeline into account. 

Access the expertise you need to bring your business combination accounting front and center

 With a robust audit background and extensive experience across a wide variety of transactions, our team can help you through any and all stages of your acquisition accounting.

  • We meet you where you are in the acquisition process, filling in your staffing gaps and educating you on the accounting nuances along the way.

Every business combination is different, so we work with you to customize our solutions to your needs. And if things shift during the acquisition process (and we know they often do), our team is nimble enough to adjust quickly without compromising quality.

We can work through your business combination from start to finish – or pick up in the middle

Our team is here to help, with extensive expertise in all facets of business combination accounting

Our team’s work on deals of many different sizes in almost every industry forms the foundation for our expertise. This experience helps us understand and create a plan based on your specific acquisition accounting needs.

Our specialists can help you with additional needs that might come up during your business combination.