You’re considering a divestiture of your business – but who’s handling the details?

Whether you’re looking to divest a portion of – or all of – your business, there are a lot of complexities to consider. But you’re likely managing this deal on top of all your other duties

When it comes to divestitures, you need someone who can dig into the details and answer questions on a broad range of accounting and finance topics.

Every divestiture is different, so you need someone who can deal with every scenario

Divestitures come with a variety of different scenarios, all depending on your specific needs, goals, and industry expectations.
Maybe you’re guiding your stakeholders to sell a noncore asset or divesting an asset or part of your business.
No matter what your specific situation is, you need a team who can help you work through the details on a tight timeline. 

You need the right expertise to get your divestiture deal done

First and foremost, you need an adviser with accounting expertise and experience in your industry, so you don’t spend valuable time filling in the gaps.

Because divestitures require information from all facets of the company, you need someone who can help you connect the dots and map out the entire process.

From held for sale accounting to discontinued operations and beyond, we can help you make sense of your numbers. Plus, our extensive audit experience gives us the background to answer many of your divestiture questions in an audit-ready package.

We have the expertise to find – and unwind – the numbers in your divestiture

  • Sell-side due diligence
    Whether you’re looking for specific financial due diligence or carve-out cost analyses, we can help.
  • Accounting for the transaction
    When it comes to divesting, every transaction is different – so our approach addresses the specific needs of your business.
  • Financial reporting and disclosures
    Get help managing all the details of held for sale accounting with comprehensive financial reporting.