The Crowe 100 Decision-Making 

Index 2019


By combining scores across the four key pillars of growth, diversity, boldness, and innovation, we arrived at our ranking of top decision-making companies.

While aspects of decision-making are inevitably intangible, The Crowe 100 Decision-Making Index 2019 explores the quantifiable aspects of decision-making, using a combination of related objective data and subjective analysis. Our goal is to better understand the measurable aspects of decision-making to better inform conversations on this crucial art. 


Our interactive index allows you to reorder and view subsets of the data. Using the search function and column headers below, you can customize and explore and element of the Index. For instance, if you are interested in understanding which electronics companies feature in the Index, search 'electronics'. If you want to find out where tech giant Apple appears, search 'Apple'. Alternatively, click on any column header to reorder and prioritize the table with that column, in descending or ascending views.