Financial Reporting 2021:

Quick-reference guide 

Organizations can overcome financial reporting complications with ready access to the right accounting guidance and insights.

In the wake of COVID-19 and ongoing economic uncertainty, financial reporting will continue to demand extra attention in 2021. Use the quick-reference guide to help your organization identify and face head-on the most complicated reporting challenges, from debt modifications to asset impairment.

Want to stay ahead of the financial reporting curve in 2021? Meet your goals with help from the new resource, “Financial Reporting 2021 Playbook: Guidance and Tactics for Success.” the playbook outlines big-picture strategies for leaders to adopt, detailed accounting guidance to follow, and critical lessons learned from 2020 that still matter in the new year. Inside, Crowe specialists cover topics including financial reporting for modifications, asset impairment, going concerns, and government assistance.

Business planning for a brighter 2021