Doing Business 2020

Tunisia: Business creation facility

The Doing Business 2020 report analyzes the regulations of 190 economies in 12 areas to assess the business climate around the world. Ten of these indicators are taken into account to give each economy a note on the ease of doing business:
Business creation, obtaining building permits, access to electricity, and registration, obtaining credit, protection of minority investors, payment of taxes, cross-border trade, execution of contracts and settlement of bankruptcies.

In the ranking of business facilities, according to Doing Business 2020, Tunisia ranks 78th out of a list of 190 countries, the last place being occupied by Somalia. Tunisia comes before Algeria in 157th place and after Morocco in 53rd place. Procurement deadlines differ from one country to another. Requests received can be processed after the submission deadline as is the case in Belgium and South Africa and can take about 20 days as in Tunisia. In the area of business creation, Tunisia has facilitated the creation of enterprises by merging more services into the one-stop shop and reducing costs. It has accelerated property registration by streamlining the internal process to transfer ownership.
Our country has also increased the transparency of land administration by publishing real estate transaction tracking statistics in the land register. There was also a facility for paying taxes by introducing a risk-based tax audit.


Economies where the business environment is the best :
According to the study, the top ten best performing economies in terms of ease of doing business are New Zealand (with a score of 86.8 %), Singapore (86.2 %), the SAR Hong Kong in China (85.3 %), Denmark (85.3 %), the Republic of Korea (84 %), the United States (84 %), Georgia (83.7 %), the United Kingdom (83, 5 %), Norway (82.6 %) and Sweden (82 %).

Doing Business 2020

Tunisia 78th and wins two places for business creation facility. 
A bit better in its business environment according to the World Bank.