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Inbound Investment Services

Your business in Singapore, anchored on firm foundation.

Singapore’s global economic standing, stable political landscape and support for innovation, among other factors, have placed the island nation among the most successful cities in the world in  attracting foreign investment.

If your company is planning to set up an entity in Singapore, Crowe’s comprehensive range of corporate administration, tax and accounting solutions can guide you from day one. Our team of multi-disciplinary  experts are committed to offering clients a thorough understanding of  the business and regulatory environment in Singapore.

Here's how we can help.

Business Advisory
Business Start-Up
Global Mobility
Regulatory Compliance
Other Services
Business Advisory
When establishing a business in Singapore, choosing the right entity will allow you to develop your business while achieving the best business and taxation outcomes. With our team of professionals who understand the local business environment, Crowe Singapore will be able to help you decide the best entity type for your business by preparing customized reports on relevant issues under consideration such as regulatory requirements, profit repatriation, foreign income exemption rules, applicable tax incentives and available financial assistance schemes administered by governmental bodies.
Business Start-Up
We help inward investors establish themselves in Singapore by providing branch registration and company incorporation services. Our approach is to provide you with a thorough understanding of all the regulatory requirements in establishing a presence in Singapore so that the required documentation are assembled efficiently. We will discuss with you the timeline upfront and come up with a plan to ensure the branch registration or company incorporation is completed within the agreed timeframe. 
Global Mobility

As companies cross borders, they need the ability to move their people around quickly and  easily. We can help you by ensuring a smooth transition process for your employees by taking care of all necessary documentation and immigration requirements. 

We help companies to have the right people with the right skills by assisting with the application of employment pass, dependent pass and Entrepreneur Pass.

Expatriate Tax
We provide a full suite of services to assist you and your employees in complying with tax filing and other tax compliance obligations such as obtaining tax clearance for expatriates who are leaving Singapore. Besides individual tax compliance services, we also provide tax planning for inbound expatriates, advice on tax effective compensation strategies and perform tax equalisation calculations.

We offer a range of payroll processing services that include computing the contribution to the Central Provident Fund, processing net payroll disbursements, compilation of monthly payroll summary reports for management review and printing and distribution of pay-slips. 

Employee Share Scheme
We can assist with establishing employee share and options plans. As part of our service delivery, we are able to assist with compliance and reporting requirements, as well as advising on tax consequences for the employees.

Regulatory Compliance

We can help you manage your business’ year-to-year compliance obligations and  documentation needs by helping you understand your duties and responsibilities under the Companies Act, the main statute regulating companies in Singapore. Besides the Companies Act, there are other legislation and rules that companies have to take into account and our team of experts at Crowe can aid you with that.

In this regard, we can ensure that your entity complies with the relevant rules and regulations by assisting you in:

Corporate Tax
We can help you meet your corporate tax compliance deadlines in the most efficient manner without undue disruptions to your daily operations, identify and advise you on possible tax saving opportunities for your business and keep you updated on the latest developments in local and international taxation that may affect your business. 

Goods and Services Tax
GST is far more complex than normally perceived. The price of non-compliance can be hefty and it is important to ensure that your organization is up-to-date with compliance requirements. Our GST services are focused on rendering advice on the GST implications on various business transactions.

Outsourced Accounting
We recognize that having access to timely and accurate financial information is crucial for clients to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business environment. We provide clients with a total finance and accounting outsourcing solution in  areas such as general ledger accounting & reporting, GST filing and vendor payment processing.

Transfer Pricing
Any organization with related party transactions, whether domestic or international, needs to consider whether such transactions are at arm’s length. We have extensive resources world-wide to assist clients with their transfer pricing needs, both from a local and international perspective

Statutory Audit
Our primary goal as statutory auditors is to render an opinion on the financial statements in accordance with the generally accepted auditing standards. Our globally developed methodologies and quality assurance programs help to ensure that we deliver an  impeccable standard of audit, delivered in a professional and timely manner to help the organization meet its statutory needs.

Other Services

With our relationships with the major banks,  we can help you establish your bank account. 

Business Valuation
Whether you are looking to sell, acquire or seek investment for your business, we can assist in preparing detailed business valuations using comprehensive market research and financial information.

Legal Advice
We can connect you with the most appropriate local law firm to meet your legal requirements.

We can recommend licensed insurance brokers to you to help you manage the local insurance requirements such as workman compensation insurance.

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