The Crowe Horwath First Trust Difference

Client Experience

We approach each engagement in a manner that creates lasting value for our clients. Everything we do is centered around your experience.

Understanding our Client's Business

We believe that only an in-depth understanding of our client's business will give us the knowledge and ability to provide superior service to help them achieve their business goals. The service we provide ensures that we respond promptly to client's queries or service needs by sending the right person, in the right practice area, and in the right place, to attend to our client's need

Commitment to Service Excellence

Client organizations should expect outstanding service from all their professional advisors. We, on our part, will work to exceed client's expectations by: 

  • focusing on client satisfaction
  • understanding client's business
  • planning and executing an effective issue-focus review
  • providing timely and practical recommendations and advice
  • being available at all times

Dedicated Professionals

We value our people. Our success is based on finding, training and motivating the right people. We are committed to creating an open and vibrant environment in which our professional staff can and do seize opportunities through value-thinking and deliver innovative solutions to our clients.

Ongoing Relationship Building

We strive to build and maintain long term relationships as trusted business advisors. These relationships are vital to our success as they provide a thorough understanding of our clients' needs and ensure that we not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Team Spirit

We pride ourselves on providing first-rate service to our clients. However, the nature of our work is such that very rarely is this level of service achieved by the effort of just one person. We constantly work together, drawing on the expertise, experience and enthusiasm of our people at all levels to reach a common objective. Directors, managers, seniors and assistants from all solution lines, often from different offices and countries, would contribute their ideas and use their collective knowledge to enhance the delivery of our services. Such pooling of varied skills and abilities enriches the total expertise we offer to our clients.