Global Mobility Services

Global Mobility Solutions

Keeping your business informed and compliant.

The relocation of employees across international borders as well as the deployment of frequent business travellers internationally is a common occurrence for organizations seeking to extend their global presence. This international activity brings immense complexity in the form of income tax and regulatory requirements, payroll reporting and withholding, employment law and immigration as well as social security compliance. We can help you to manage these issues and avoid the compliance pitfalls associated with a globally mobile workforce.

Our Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) includes:

Individual Tax Compliance and Advisory

The relocation of employees and the deployment of frequent business travellers across international borders is a common occurrence for businesses seeking to extend their global footprint. Throughout the life cycle of any overseas assignment, employers and employees are involved in the planning and management of individual tax compliance. We work with both employers and employees to provide holistic solutions on managing the tax issues throughout the assignment. Our team has deep competencies to assist clients in the following:

  • Pre and post assignment tax briefing
  • Tax planning for inbound expatriates
  • Individual income tax compliance
  • Tax cost reduction reviews
  • Stock options advisory
  • Implementing tax risk management framework
  • Tax equalisation calculations
  • Social security planning
  • Application of tax treaty benefits
  • Employer’s tax compliance review and management
  • Development of tax-effective compensation strategies
Corporate Tax Compliance and Advisory

Foreign businesses setting up a legal presence in a foreign jurisdiction often face overwhelming regulatory and tax issues. We add value to foreign businesses intending to set up a legal presence in Singapore to house their employees by managing their tax compliance risks and identifying and implementing tax saving opportunities. Our corporate tax practice offers the following services:

  • Advice on the forms of business/legal presence
  • Corporate tax return preparation
  • Negotiation of tax incentives with the relevant authorities
  • Optimizing the use of tax incentives and government grants
  • Negotiation and dispute resolution with the tax authorities
  • Obtaining advance tax rulings
Local and International Tax Advisory

With its global connectivity and one of the best countries to live and work, Singapore is often used as a hub to house employees with regional roles. Through timely application of our deep knowledge of international tax, we help clients to navigate through complex international tax issues associated with a globally mobile workforce. Our international tax practice offers the following solutions:

  • Tax planning for secondment arrangements
  • Minimising corporate tax risks associated with employees travelling to Singapore
  • Managing regional permanent establishment risks associated with Singapore-based international executives
  • Managing withholding tax issues for cross-border recharge of employee-related expenses and service fees
  • Designing appropriate transfer pricing policies in relation to the sharing of employee-related expenses across jurisdictions
  • Application of tax treaties to minimise the overall tax burden of international executives
Employment Pass
We help companies to have the right people with the right skills by assisting with the application of employment pass, dependent pass and entrepreneur pass.
We offer a range of payroll processing services that include computing the contribution to the Central Provident Fund, processing net payroll disbursements, compilation of monthly payroll summary reports for management review and printing and distribution of pay-slips. 

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