Are you making the best decision for your company's future?

In an increasingly competitive and ever-changing environment, making the right business decisions is critical to success. We have a team of business advisory professionals who are experienced and well-trained in assisting our clients chart their strategy, align operational processes and most importantly, enhance profitability.

Our global network and broad-based industry experience, allow our experienced professionals to assist our clients to develop and implement innovative and practical business strategies, as well as effective operational solutions.

This involves working with our clients to evaluate their strategic options, understand their needs and maximize operational productivity and effectiveness.

As our clients' business advisors, we are committed to working closely with them in developing solutions that yield lasting value.

Our comprehensive range of business advisory solutions include:

Restructuring and Business Recovery Services
Fraud Investigation and Dispute Resolution Services
Restructuring and Business Recovery Services
Restructuring Services

To address issues of continuity and sustainability, financial and corporate structures overlaying businesses may need to be optimised. Our team of professionals are able to assist stakeholders to analyse, devise and implement restructuring or reorganisation plans to achieve continuity and stability and costs savings in the long run.

Our services include:

  • Corporate simplification
  • Divestments of businesses and assets
  • Operational restructuring
  • Capital and debts structure optimisation
  • Succession planning
Business Recovery Services

We understand the needs of businesses during rough times and those trying to stay out of financial troubles. We analyse the available options and formulate business rescue and rehabilitation plans necessary for successful turnarounds. Our specialists work to identify recovery options and help implement them to protect your stakes in a business, amid the evolving debtor/creditor and asset protection laws and regulations. 

Business Recovery Diagram

Our services include:

  • Turnaround management services - Special/monitoring accountants
  • Judicial management and receiverships
  • Schemes of arrangements
  • Formal liquidations
  • Voluntary liquidation
  • Compulsory liquidation
  • Cross border insolvency proceedings
Fraud Investigation and Dispute Resolution Services
Fraud Investigation

Fraud is on the rise. Businesses face risks not just from internal fraud but also frauds perpetuated by external parties. In such unfortunate times, you will need the necessary expertise and resources to investigate so that you can pursue the perpetrators with the necessary evidence and support.

Our complement of fraud investigation services deploying our forensic accounting expertise include:

  • Examination of accounting and related records to report on fraud and financial irregularities
  • Tracing of transactions and assets
Litigation Support

Preparing for litigation, arbitration, mediation or an out-of-court settlement is a difficult, stressful time. As these dispute resolution processes become increasingly complex, counsel and its clients often need experts who are able to analyse intricate financial data, weave it into a cohesive whole and, if necessary, articulate their findings to a Trier of fact.

We work with you and your legal team to provide a credible and independent financial assessment of the key aspects of your matter so you and your legal team can develop an effective strategy.

Areas in which we can assist include:

  • Valuing companies, businesses, partnerships and trusts
  • Assisting with financial aspects of breaches of contract or commercial claims
  • Quantification of damages and trade practices claims
  • Quantifying economic loss for legal claims and disputes 
Financial Expert Witness

Our expert tells the story to the judge or arbitrator through clear, convincing expert testimony. Our expert opinion is supported by systematic deduction based on the factual findings through examination of documents, data sorting and financial analysis of transactions, books and records.

We have the capability to provide reliable evidentiary support to establish the facts and theory to assist your counsel to formulate legal steps to build your case.

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