Your data privacy program could make or break your reputation. 

The rule regarding consumer data used to be, “Get as much as you can.” It’s not that simple anymore. Banks and financial services companies that get careless with how they gather and store consumer data run huge reputational and regulatory risks.

Crowe can show you how to take great care with the consumer data you’re collecting – and how to make sure it’s an asset and not a liability.

Your customers need to know their data is protected. 

Consumers want to know what banks and financial services companies are doing about data privacy before they do business with them. 

If customers can’t trust you with their data, they’ll be less likely to trust you, period. 

We can show you how to establish data privacy practices that earn trust from customers, as well as confidence from regulators. 

From data management to anonymization, we’ll help you get the value you want from your data – without putting your customers’ personal info at risk.  

There's no room for error. And the regulations are anything but clear.

Figuring out how to comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, GLBA, or the California Consumer Privacy Act can be confusing and frustrating. Layer in the fact that more U.S. states are passing new privacy laws. 

When you put all the regulations together, the levels of complexity and sometimes contradictory requirements make them difficult to navigate. 

You can cut through the confusion with data privacy programs that adapt and comply to changing regulations. We’ve got the experience to show you how.

You can be confident in your data privacy program.

To deal with data privacy effectively, you need a better understanding of the data you have and a strong program to organize, store, and protect all of it. 

That’s what we do. 

We’ll help you get a handle on your data ecosystem – and assess how it stacks up against regulatory requirements.   

We not only provide recommendations for dealing with data privacy issues we uncover, but also can help you execute plans to address them.  

We bring a practical, flexible, and proven approach to solving your data privacy program challenges.

Whether you need to update your current data privacy program or implement a new one, we’ll help you get to where you need to go —  fast.
Assessing your privacy program needs
Our team understands the privacy regulations that affect banks and financial services companies most. With our knowledge of those rules and your industry, we’ll quickly evaluate your program and present practical solutions.
Assessing your privacy program needs
Building and maturing a privacy program
We design and implement privacy programs for banks and financial services companies just like yours. We know how to develop one that accounts for your risk tolerance and drives smarter business decisions.
Building and maturing a privacy program
Managed services for privacy and data protection 
From training programs to reviews of privacy notices, we offer a wide range of services to help banks and financial services companies after the implementation of a foundational privacy framework.
Managed services for privacy and data protection 

Data privacy programs tailored to banks and financial services companies.

We approach data privacy by meeting you where you are.  

We’ve helped organizations just like yours create programs that make sense, fit your needs and goals, and actually last long term.

What do you want to do differently with data privacy? Let’s talk about what we can achieve together.  

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