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Financial Incentives and Tax Benefits

As a specialized grants and incentives advisor, we offer expertise in evaluating and formulating plans and action.

Within the present National and European framework, a diverse array of financial and fiscal grants and incentives programs are available. These instruments present compelling opportunities for companies, facilitating the realization of business and initiative projects with greater speed, flexibility, and reduced risk. Our role is to assist in harnessing these opportunities and enabling the achievement of future goals. 

Recognizing both the potential opportunities and unique challenges that companies face in leveraging grants and incentives, we have developed a comprehensive approach. Through knowledge, evaluation, and strategic action planning, our holistic approach ensures precise identification and sustained planning, resulting in a more effective utilization of grants and incentives.

Our approach to the Grants and Incentives domain is custom-tailored to the specific attributes of each client, while encompassing various objectives associated with projects such as:

  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Innovation;
  • Internationalization and Qualification;
  • Quality or Environment
  • Recruitment
  • Research and Development
  • Training

Our work in this field consists of a methodology that provides a characterization of the company, a detailed analysis of its goals and needs, a framework and general assessment of incentive (current and future) and benefit instruments, the planning, scheduling and implementation of actions (preparation of applications and other types of initiative) and monitoring to ensure control and effectiveness.

Areas of Expertise

- Portugal 2020

- Portugal 2030

- Portugal Tourism

- Productive Innovation

- Resilience Plan


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We have at your disposal a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the areas in which they operate.
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