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Corporate Finance

As specialized advisors, this service focuses on stakeholders, shareholders, executive managers, and board of directors.

What we offer

With a keen focus on the strategic decisions of diverse stakeholders, we work closely with clients, employing a global and multidisciplinary approach. Our aim is to foster competence development in various critical areas, such as:

  • Asset Evaluation
  • Business Development
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Optimization
  • Legal Matters
  • Planning
  • Strategy

Our Corporate Finance team establishes a close partnership with other international Crowe teams, providing expert guidance to managers, entrepreneurs, investors, venture capital firms, and companies. We assist in structuring plans, strategies, and approaches to evaluate and define how to achieve strategic objectives effectively.

We specialize in addressing challenges and objectives pertaining to mergers and acquisitions, sales, capital raising, strategy redefinition, and financial optimization. Our methodologies are tailored to each partner, situation, industry, and objective, ensuring meticulous technical analysis, clear presentation, and robust support for proposed hypotheses and solutions.

To bolster our analytical capabilities and provide comprehensive options to clients, we collaborate with the banking system, venture capital companies, private equity funds, and national and international business angel networks. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive and suitable response to the specific characteristics of each client's operation.

Our Corporate Finance services are always customized to suit the unique requirements of each client, reflecting our commitment to delivering tailored solutions and maximizing value.

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We have at your disposal a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the areas in which they operate.

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