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Behavioural Consultancy

Our consulting services include Behaviour, Coaching, Assessment, as well as Diagnosis and Intervention, enabling us to address the strengths and vulnerabilities within a company comprehensively.

In Portugal, cardiovascular diseases contribute to nearly 30% of total deaths, with stress identified as a significant risk factor. Additionally, Presenteeism's economic impact can be three times greater than Absenteeism.  In the European context, psychological health issues result in a staggering 136 billion euros in annual productivity costs.

Focused on the growth of your company and knowing how important is to control the psychosocial risks to gain more with more people, Crowe's Behavioural Consultancy pretends to:

Assess, Diagnose, and intervene on the strengths and vulnerabilities of your company with the integration of on demand scientifically supported programs;

Perform behavioural consulting and coaching activities (Performance, Executive and Personal)

Our focus

Aware of the significant role workers play within their organizations, and in collaboration with experienced health professionals and consultants, our Behavioural Consultancy service utilizes scitentifically supported methodologies. The primary objective of this service is to:
  • Improve well-being and satisfaction in the workplace;
  • Increase Productivity;
  • Promote healthy workplaces;
  • Reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and other psychosocial risks;
  • Reduce conflicts, switching and Burnout;
  • Reduce costs and burdens for society;
  • Reduce mental health-related stigma;
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Crowe's intervention in Farcimar Group allowed in a simple, credible and short period of time, to assess the emotional state of all employees and their commitment to the Group's companies and its management. 
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Bruno Teixeira
Technical Director of Farcimar
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