Internal audit

Process audit

Process audit


Business Process Audit adds value to the organization. It provides a higher organizational quality, protects the business and supports its development. Therefore, the process auditing should be considered from the perspective of potential profit, not cost.

Early reaction to irregularities, open communication and a pragmatic approach to solving problems in the organization are the methods we use to conduct process audits for our clients.

The process audit is addressed primarily to companies in which one can observe:

  • unexpected losses due to procedural errors
  • departures from the established rules
  • unclear internal procedures
  • a lack of standardisation
  • decrease in the quality of the performed operations

Process audit - scope of the service:

  • analysis of existing organisational solutions:
    • analysis of the strategy
    • analysis of key processes and procedures, both management and operational
  • review of compliance of implemented processes with internally applicable standards and procedures
  • reporting on compliance with internally applicable standards and procedures, as well as identifying detected irregularities, weaknesses and risks
  • recommendation of changes to be implemented in order to optimise operational and management solutions and eliminate irregularities
  • depending on the needs of our clients, we support implementation of the changes recommended by us

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We also provide SOX Audit

Process audit - benefits:

  • identification and elimination of irregularities from organisational structures, procedures and processes
  • reducing the risk related to the company's operations
  • increase in the quality of organisation management
  • optimization of internal organizational solutions
  • strengthening the internal control
  • implementation of internal procedures necessary to optimize operations within a company.

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