Company valuations

Company valuations

Company valuations


Company valuations

The company valuation service is addressed in particular to entities carrying out or planning to carry out transactions of purchase or sale of companies, those undergoing transformation, increasing their capital or improving their financial credibility. Moreover, the valuation of a company is a method - often used under court proceedings - allowing for a reliable estimation of the value of a given business entity.  

In order to estimate the value of a company, Crowe experts use only proven valuation methods, including asset-based, income and mixed methods, as well as comparative methods. The choice of the appropriate method for estimating the company's value always depends on the client's expectations, needs and, above all, the purpose for which the valuation report is drawn up.

Our experts have broad experience in company valuations. So far, we have realised tens of comprehensive assignments of this type. Our clients include both small companies and international concerns. Thanks to this experience we had the opportunity to get to know the specifics of various industries, also international ones, and to learn about the specifics of companies operating in various sectors of the economy.

A company valuation service - why is it recommended?

The company valuation service applies to both stock exchange listed companies and companies not listed on the WSE. However, regardless of the type of a company, company valuation will provide the necessary information to estimate its value, as well as illustrate its current condition and financial situation. The data gathered by Crowe's team may prove extremely valuable, especially when negotiating a purchase or sale transaction, and may also be used to determine and create a further development strategy for a company.

Company valuations - scope of services:

  • Income method valuations
  • Asset method valuations
  • Comparative method valuations
  • Valuations of WSE-listed companies
  • Valuations of a company for sale
  • Valustions of a company for M&A transactions

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