COVID-19 Business Support Package 

The global coronavirus pandemic is increasingly affecting all businesses, not only the most vulnerable sectors. Some of the negative effects of the slowdown can be reduced or minimised by early preventive or corrective actions.

We offer comprehensive support in the following areas:

Management / finance

  • Developing a plan of preventive and corrective actions to ensure business continuity
  • Risk management
  • Legal advice on the use of current and newly introduced regulations on coronavirus
  • Analysis of the company's liquidity situation
  • Support in negotiations with financial institutions
  • Evaluation of lease agreements, renegotiations of lease conditions
  • Tax review with regard to special regulations
  • Support in drafting applications regarding postponing of tax and ZUS payments
  • Support in applying for cancellation of outstanding tax payments
  • Optimisation of the cost structure, conversion of part of fixed costs into variable costs
  • Optimisation of resources used for business processes
  • Process automation in case of lack of adequate number of employees

Clients / suppliers

  • Verification of contracts with clients and suppliers
  • Advice on the renegotiation of contracts
  • Force majeure and fulfilment of contracts with customers and suppliers
  • Communication with clients and suppliers


  • Development of procedures
  • Structuring of remote working (regulations)
  • Regulations, leave arrangements, leave opinions (sending for compulsory leave, use of unpaid leave)
  • Internal regulation of part-unemployment
  • Communication with employees
  • Renegotiation of contracts with employees
  • Optimisation of employment structure
  • Support for staff reductions
  • Maintaining information security during remote working
  • GDPR advisory in the context of collecting personal data of employees for activities related to the coranovirus pandemic


  • Verification of business needs with regard to IT infrastructure and applications
  • DRP - Disaster Recovery Plan (infrastructure and applications)
  • BCP - Business Continuity Plan (infrastructure and applications)
  • Verification of IT contracts - software maintenance and service

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COVID-19 Business Support Package