Case study: Business process analysis

Case study: Business process analysis

Client: Leading provider of solutions for the energy, district heating and oil and gas industry in Poland Start of cooperation: 2023
Case study: Business process analysis

Scope of services:

  • Development and implementation of an incentive system and management by objectives & KPIs
  • Development of functional requirements for the system of management by objectives
  • Preparation of recommendations for the optimisation of accounting and management accounting processes and of key elements of management information
  • Modelling of business processes in the area of management by objectives and controlling

Client benefits:

Increased process efficiency

  • Increased efficiency in achieving organisational goals
  • Improved efficiency of existing processes
  • Increased work efficiency (HC ROI and HCR indicators), particularly in the implementation of projects
  • Employee focus on the strategic goals of organisation
  • Properly selected indicators correlating with business objectives
  • Efficient use of working time
  • Decrease in workflow costs
  • Decrease in other operational costs and optimum automation of activities

Increased team motivation

  • Increased staff commitment and motivation
  • Improvement in the level of responsibility
  • Rewarding desired work outcomes - building a culture of a results-oriented organisation and expertise
  • Tight financial incentive system

Management information optimisation

  • Providing management information on ongoing projects and project portfolios regarding budget, deadlines, resources, liquidity and risks
  • More comprehensive knowledge of the company's liquidity
  • Ease of obtaining information on the management of financial and material resources
  • Shortened time required to prepare reports and analyses
  • Credibility and coherence of management information (1 source of information)
  • Change in the proportion between time spent on data collection and time spent on analysing reports and drawing conclusions

Our expert

Jacek Włodarczyk
Jacek Włodarczyk
Senior Manager

Business process analysis