Fraud investigation

Fraud Investigation

Fraud Investigation

It is important to act quickly and efficiently on suspected or detected frauds or other misconducts, to prevent or to reduce the financial and reputational damages. When your organization is under threat, you need to act swiftly to deal with the issues before they worsen.

With compelling times as such every business wants to minimize and manage reputational, regulatory and financial menace – so as the role of investigators is more critical than ever. 

How to deal with fraud or other irregularities?

Crowe Oman team comprises of experienced investigators, forensic accountants, corporate intelligence specialists, forensic computer experts, economists, Consultants and certified fraud examiners.

Our experienced professionals with deep technical skills perform thorough and detailed investigation to establish the truths, assess implications and recommend suitable corrective actions and we have strong reputation amongst clients and referrers as leading advisers in this area.