Real Estate And Construction

Real Estate And Construction

Over past few years, the Sultanate of Oman has emerged as one of the most interesting projects markets in the region, offering good business opportunities for contractors, consultants and investors across a range of industries. With about $177bn worth of projects planned or underway, the Sultanate has a substantial pipeline of projects needed to support Oman’s aims at diversification into logistics, tourism and manufacturing, as well as improving public services and infrastructure.

The construction and projects market in Oman is in good health. The scale of the construction and infrastructure development projects that have already been committed or under construction are impressive.

Crowe Oman is recognized as a premier real estate accounting and consulting firm. Our member firms are well-known for devising innovative strategies, identifying and analyzing complex real estate problems, and recommending viable solutions.

The client roster includes the real estate divisions of some of the largest commercial banks, insurance companies and preeminent investment banking houses. Our partners have special expertise in servicing real estate clients and are attorneys as well as certified public accountants. Our branches have represented clients in highly complex real estate trans-actions, including refinancing, joint ventures and lease negotiations- amounting to billions of dollars. We have the technical know-how and insights to ensure your organization continues to grow in the competitive market.

Construction is a large-scale activity supervised by individuals and involves careful planning, designing, coordination and execution of infrastructure. It is an urban-based activity and is concerned with adding structure to a real estate property. There are many elements to be considered for the process of construction like determining the environmental impact of work, budgeting, availability of raw materials, logistics etc. This sector also involves repairing or renovation of an existing building.

A number of infrastructure projects are taking place in the Oman and the financing and delivering of some of these projects have moved over to the private sector. The industry enjoys increased Government investment. Despite the global financial crisis, construction in the Oman continues to be one of the largest sectors in the economy.

Crowe has grown to be a highly respected organization in the construction industry with a notable track record of successful delivery and completion of projects. We work within the estimated budget and in a way that far exceeds client expectations.

We are committed to serving our clients by adhering to the best practices of the industry, using highly sophisticated technology. To meet with the growing needs of our clients, we maintain a comprehensive network of associations that provide the full line of architecture and designing, infrastructure materials, execution and construction, safety, operation and maintenance services. Projects are continuously supervised and managed from start to finish. Our team has the expertise required to assist clients in feasibility studies, designing and financing, all within the constraints of budget. We have established close contacts in many areas allowing easy and quick mobilization. Today, Crowe Oman has evolved in a way that in almost every step in the construction process we play a significant role.

Our Services include:

  • Partnership structuring and profit sharing arrangements.
  • Service entity requirements.
  • Budgeting issues.
  • Management accounting.
  • Key business indicators.
  • Compliance with taxation laws.
  • Trust account compliance.
  • Private taxation services for the partners.