In the present era, business houses are looking for competitive advantages, either by developing own resources or through business combinations, which represents an acquisition, a sale, a merger, an amalgamation or a swap.

Each transaction include transfer of business, ie., resources in return for a value. Transaction support is a process which starts from formulating a plan in line with objective of the business, identifying the buyer or seller, approaching them, presenting the offer, appraisal of the target, arriving at a offer value, negotiation and formalizing through contracts.

An experienced businessman can handle some of the activities in the above process chain; however, support of a professional is required for appraisal of the target, valuation of business etc,

The process will be more complicated when the transactions happens across the borders, ie between countries. There will be differences in economic and social conditions, availability of resources, legal and compliance environment including taxation.

Clientele varies from major corporate and government organizations to individual establishments. Our team has experience working in all key industries such as manufacturing, trading, distribution, hospitality, healthcare, Information technology, construction, Retail/wholesale, Private education, extractive industries, Transportation and other industries and services.

Our corporate advisory team provides:

  • Business Valuations
  • Due Diligence
  • M&A Transaction Support
  • Deal Structuring
  • Foreign GAAP Conversions
  • Merger Integration Services
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • IT Compatibility Reviews
  • Advice on Negotiation Strategies
  • Holding Company Structure


Hotel, Tourism and Leisure
Project Consultancy
Hotel, Tourism and Leisure
Project Consultancy

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