Corporate Responsibility

At Crowe , being a responsible business means to managing our duties with ethics and integrity in addition to the responsibility we have towards the society, economy and environment. 

  • We care for our communities and see value in supporting the civic organizations that provide the backbone for economic progress and the charitable organizations that provide the support and safety net for our communities’ citizens.
  • We share with our communities through the financial support of and volunteer participation with community organizations that demonstrate values reflective of our clients and the firm.
  • We invest in our communities by offering our resources where appropriate in support of the causes and needs of charitable and environmental organizations.
  • We grow through the leadership development opportunities, the satisfaction of making a difference and from our increased sense of firm and team.

Supporting Our Communities

We regularly conduct food, clothing and necessities products give-away programmes in various countries. Crowe  in Oman sponsors a wide variety of community-based special events and offers scholarships and other financial support to colleges and universities

Annually Crowe  in Oman conducts a complimentary health study programme in connection with doctors & physicians who conduct preliminary medical tests to assist individuals in getting a diagnosis on their illness.


We support diversity and inclusion by fostering dynamic teams and an inclusive work environment where innovative thinking is encouraged and leads to creative solutions that meet our clients’ business needs. We recognize that to deliver valuable solutions for our clients, we need an increasingly diverse work force. As a result, inclusion has become one of our firm wide priorities.
Crowe strives to be inclusive by involving all personnel regardless of culture, ethnicity and background so everyone in the firm feels respected, valued, and capable of performing their best work.