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Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing & Distribution 

The industrial sector started off in small measures focusing on consumer products only. In order to attract private sector investments into the non-hydrocarbon sectors, Government aimed to provide infrastructure facilities such as electricity, transportation, communication, etc. and established Rusayl Industrial Estate in 1983 as the first Industrial Estate in Oman through The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE), established with an aim of planning, operating, managing, and developing the industrial estates across the Sultanate. The manufacturing sector of Oman has a crucial role to play in the structural transformation of the oil-dependent economy towards a sustainable economy that is competitive in productive activities. Forward-looking government policy envisages that the non-oil industrial sector will be one of the main pillars for continued prosperity.

Oman’s traditional industries were silver working, ship building and weaving. New manufacturing industries have been growing like manufacture of building materials, chemicals, plastics, base-metal products, furniture and other wood products, paper products, garments, leather, food and beverages. The manufacturing industries have been encouraged by Government by offering soft loans, subsidized land and electricity, import duty exemptions etc.

Whether you’re enhancing a product line, expanding into new markets, or acquiring new companies, Crowe Oman can help you bring thorough, reliable financial information to financiers and key stakeholders. Credible financial reporting is critical for organizations looking to secure low-cost capital. At Crowe Oman, our auditors understand this responsibility and provide objective, meaningful assessments so you can be confident you are presenting your information clearly and meticulously.

If you're looking for financial advisory services, we bring M&D operations knowledge that can help you improve operating processes and reduce labor and inventory costs.
Crowe Oman can help you:

  • Spot emerging trends in M&D
  • Compare financial performance benchmarks
  • Reduce safety stock and inventory costs while increasing customer service
  • Reduce labor expenses such as overtime
  • Improve procurement and operating processes
  • Identify opportunities for expansion or changes in the organization or footprint

We provide critical M&D-specific accounting services in the areas of:

  • Cost accounting
  • Financial benchmarking
  • Valuations
  • Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) administration and accounting
  • Litigation support