Industrial Metal And Mining

Industrial Metal And Mining

Mining is one of the five sectors identified for driving growth in the long-term and helping the government in its economic diversification strategy. Mining and quarrying have been age-old practices in Oman. Although numerous quarrying and mining operations are underway in Oman, the Sultanate’s mineral resources are still relatively untapped, with large deposits of metals and industrial minerals waiting to be unearthed.

Oman is home to scores of mining companies, where the total operating licenses until the end of 2017 is about 479 mining licenses distributed across the various governates of the Sultanate of Oman. The Public Authority for Mining (PAM) issued a total of 291 licenses for conducting mineral exploration operations in 2018. PAM is currently formulating a new mining exploration and development strategy, underpinned by a Single Window System for the issuance of new licenses, to help unleash the potential of the country’s prodigious mineral resources.

The industrial metal and mining industry have to constantly expand its production to maintain growth and stability, with the added pressure of keeping up with industry standards. Crowe Oman offers distinguished services for complete plant and production process. Our team is comprised of professionals who are experienced in delivering innovative solutions for the metal and mining industry guaranteed to achieve your long-term goals and add organizational value. We are efficient in assisting our clients throughout the work cycle even in the midst of an economic crisis.

Over the years, we have worked with some of the most highly reputed and well-established metal and mining companies. Drawing from our rich experience of serving them, we offer services to optimize work processes that will result in high production levels at low costs. Our goal is to contribute to the industrial value for its long-term sustenance by providing advice on projects and revenue-generating methods that are influenced by technologically advanced standards.

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