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Audit & Assurance

Credible, Accurate, Independent, Objective

Assurance that just
focuses on numbers and regulations is a missed opportunity.
Our audit services add global credibility to the financial statements as well as the assertions of the organizations' management. It also helps the clients to fairly represent the organizations' position and performance to the stakeholders, eliminating conflict of interest issues and protecting stakeholder interests.

The proprietary processes and technology systems help clients and audit committees manage their increased responsibility, by streamlining their audit process and enhancing communications. We work closely with our clients to model services to fit their existing structure, process and staffing.
Our audit would also include a review of the system of internal control that has been established to assess its relative strengths and weaknesses. The nature and extent of the tests vary according to the estimate of the accounting and internal controls required  to be in place.
At Crowe, we help you to improve the accuracy of financial reporting through our audit process which is designed to add value and provide timely results:


Highly automated method:

This allows us to analyze large amounts of data and quickly identify and test items that stand out. In addition, it results in easy sharing of information between your office and ours, and fewer disruptions for your staff. Further  we are “case ware” for the audit documentation.

Open, interactive process:

There is no "mystery"to our work on your behalf. We provide explanations, interpretations, and analyses so you better understand why we do what we do - and what the results mean for your business.

Risk based approach:

We develop our audit plan after a thorough understanding of your risks - not some checklist applied to every company. Our approach is customized with the goal of applying our audit testing to the areas of highest risk.

Specialized knowledge and attention:

Your audit team includes an expert or experts who are familiar with your industry. We will share information on industry benchmarks and best practices and improved financial reporting controls. These senior executives will be regularly and  directly involved in serving your needs.

Strengthened internal controls:

We help you by identifying potential weaknesses and providing practical recommendations to improve internal controls and reduce risk. Increased credibility: Crowe’s strong reputation for financial reporting quality will enhance management's crediblity among stakeholders including creditors, lenders, investors, and others in the business community.

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