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Business Process Re-engineering

oman advisory services

The world is currently in the midst of a major paradigm shift. With advancements in Artificial Intelligence, incorporation of Blockchain at the workplace and a crisis arising from the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is the progressively thinking organizations who with the implementation of Crowe’s Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) model shall rise over the others.

How BPR transforms your business to the next level?

As your company has grown over the years, the procedures that were beneficial in the beginning now threaten to limit its capacity. Rather than settle for this Crowe provides the essential jolt by conducting a comprehensive Business Process Mapping exercise.

What major areas are covered?

  •    Operations: Procurement, Design, Manufacturing, Testing
  •    Projects: Development, Implementation, Maintenance
  •    Financial: Sales & Purchase, Accounts, Treasury
  •    HR: Recruitment, Training & Development, Payroll


  •    Reduced process redundancies to save cost and time 
  •    Enabling security measures to protect intellectual material
  •    Setting groundwork for automation and remote working

Business Process Re-engineering