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In today’s technology-driven world, cybersecurity issues can pose a serious operational risk to business and can even threaten an organization’s long-term survival. Facing increasing dependence on technology and an ever-growing array of internal and external risk factors, organizations of all types can turn to our assistance to pursue a consistent, coordinated, and integrated approach to IT governance and cybersecurity risk management.

Understand your organisation’s cyber vulnerability and identify the steps necessary to strengthen it.

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Developed in collaboration with Prof. Mark Button and Dr. Victoria Wang at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at University of Portsmouth.

The scorecard includes 23 self-assessment questions about your organisation’s:

  • attractiveness to cyber criminals
  • potential damage in event of a cyber breach
  • strength/weakness of cyber security and resilience.

Your Scorecard results are provided in a downloadable PDF report.

In addition to helping establish an effective cybersecurity governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) structure, Crowe Valente teams deliver a range of specialized “solutions” for cybersecurity risk management, as described in the following sections.
Cybersecurity Risk Management

Even organizations with mature risk management programs can struggle to stay current with today’s fast-changing cybersecurity risks. The challenges include:

  • Explosive growth in IT security threats that can lead to data or financial loss
  • Evolving standards, frameworks, and regulatory expectations
  • Proliferation of technology and third-party reliance across the organization
  • Changing business conditions, including growth, mergers, and new products or services
Crowe Valente draws on strong technical capabilities, deep industry expertise, and extensive experience with numerous control frameworks and standards to deliver a cybersecurity risk management program that is flexible, adaptable, and highly responsive to your organization’s specific needs:
  • IT Assurance and cybersecurity risk assessments
  • Design and implementation of IT risk management programs
  • Security assessments, audits, and testing
  • Program effectiveness and maturity assessments
  • Cybersecurity solution design and road maps
  • Definition of residual risk, risk tolerance, and risk appetite for the organization
  • Cyber resilience programs to limit damage and speed recovery
  • Virtual CISO for the strategic planning, development, and management of an effective security program
  • Implementation of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) solutions
Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is more than just a matter of regulatory compliance. It is a key component to a sound cybersecurity risk management program – critical to identifying vulnerabilities and testing the effectiveness of your security controls and incident response. Crowe Valente provides a broad range of pen testing and advanced security assessment services to help you implement a best-in-class cybersecurity strategy.

Crowe Valente penetration assessments are carried out by experienced professional hackers who have learned to think like an attacker. Each assessment is customized to your specific risk profiles and fully integrated with other end-to-end Crowe Valente cybersecurity services, which include:

  • External assessment – attempted breaches from outside your network
  • Internal assessment – mimicking the actions of a malicious insider
  • Wireless assessment – wireless encryption, rogue detection, war-driving/walking
  • Web application assessment – customized testing of business applications
  • Social engineering assessment – revealing weaknesses in employee practices
  • Red team assessment – real-world advanced testing of an organization’s cyber resilience
Resilience Testing

Recent waves of cyberattacks have led many organizations to look beyond the question of “if or when” a breach might occur, and focus instead on “how” they can weather the inevitable attack and maintain operations. We can help you refocus your cybersecurity risk management efforts to prepare for incidents and breaches and respond effectively.

Depending on your risk management policies, Crowe Valente can put together a highly qualified team of cyber resilience professionals and adapt our two-phased approach to your specific needs:

  • Evaluation and preparation – establishing a baseline, identifying threat scenarios and vulnerabilities, and developing risk mitigation plan
  • Incident response – executing an immediate breach investigation and well-planned response to limit damage and resume normal operations as quickly as possible
Program Management

Crowe Valente professionals can deliver comprehensive cybersecurity implementation services, drawing on our extensive experience with today’s most widely applied solutions, and a broad, “big picture” understanding of your business and top threats.

In addition, Crowe Valente implementation teams coordinate closely with our assessment and penetration testing teams, which combine deep technical expertise with the ability to “think like an attacker.” The result is a flexible, adaptable, objective approach that can help you prioritize, implement, and optimize critical solutions such as:

  • Security information and event management (SIEM) implementation
  • Password management and multifactor authorization
  • Vulnerability management
  • Security awareness program
  • Data leakage protection (DLP) implementation
Intangible Assets Risks
Reputation Risk Management
Brand Risk Management
Third-Party Reliability

Undertaking a business relationship carries with it many risks, risks that can often be mitigated by knowing as much as possible about the other party, whether they are customer, supplier, or potential partner. The global market place means that we do business and source products and materials from countries where different languages, laws and customs prevail and with extensive supply chains that may include entities located on a number of different continents. The Modern Slavery Act requires large companies to identify the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking within their supply chains, illustrated by a number of recent, high-profile, media exposés. A simple Google search is not enough to identify risk.

You need not only to protect your business, but also to ensure that your organisation’s activities will not fall foul of national or international anti-money laundering legislation, and the key to this is the need to fully ‘know your customer’.

We are able to provide you with a fully researched and documented report, identifying and verifying the key personnel, organisations and locations involved, so that informed decisions can be made when entering into new contracts or reviewing existing relationships.
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