Help your staffing agency save time with NetSuite

Adnan Patel, Matt Fisher
| 3/28/2023
Help your staffing agency save time with NetSuite

Staffing agencies should be focused on placing qualified, capable people in the right role – not wasting time verifying rates and hours, creating invoices, or worrying about efficiency. Turning a profit is already hard enough, and these time-consuming and tedious manual tasks are inefficient and cut into margins. Current technology might be able to manage some of these tasks, but is it really doing enough?

Disparate systems such as spreadsheet and accounting software and the occasional hand-written reminder might seem adequate, but they limit the ability to recall important information quickly. They are error-prone and leave little room for growth. But with so many available enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems out there, it can be tough for a business to know which is the right fit.

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A NetSuite ERP solution can help increase efficiency and margins

A staffing agency needs an ERP solution that can save it time, do the heavy data lifting, provide visibility into information for the agency and its clients, and create space to increase profitability. A NetSuite ERP solution can do each of these things and be customized for an even more seamless fit for the industry.

The robustness of NetSuite makes it an ideal solution on its own. However, its ability to connect with add-ons and integrations that fit even more closely to specific industry requirements is one of its most impressive features. No matter their size, staffing agencies should consider implementing a NetSuite ERP solution.

Manage thousands of data points more accurately

Adjust time more easily

Managing hundreds or even thousands of invoices can be daunting. But handling it all efficiently is critical.

NetSuite ERP solutions allow users to apply filters like time and expenses that can apply automatically to similar accounts or processes across the board. This means some steps will have to be done only once no matter how many invoices there are, freeing managers up to focus on people.

Making adjustments is a necessary piece of tracking and billing for staffing agencies. But manual adjustments leave room for errors that can permeate the entire billing process.

NetSuite is a powerful tool, and Crowe consultants have found opportunities to create even more capabilities to meet real-word needs, specifically related to staffing agencies. Time adjustments aren’t standard features, so Crowe custom-built the Crowe Staffing Accelerator to offer real-time business insights, status updates, automated invoices, and so many more capabilities that can save agencies time and money.

Crowe created the Crowe Staffing Accelerator for NetSuite to further automate and streamline specific staffing processes into one centralized platform.

Make the invoicing process more efficient

Collect payments in a timely manner

Creating, verifying, and sending invoices is one of the most important back-office tasks. It’s how the business gets paid – and accuracy is key.

A NetSuite ERP solution can automate the invoicing process from start to finish. Input the pay rate and time expectancy, and invoices are generated accurately and automatically. The system can even gather overtime and expense data so that time isn’t lost trying to consolidate the excess information. Plus, NetSuite can email multiple invoices to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Tracking and sending invoices and awaiting payment are only partially in an agency’s control. But it is possible to see how profitable the business is based on this information.

If processes and calculations still are being done manually, it can be difficult to have insight into revenue forecasts. But NetSuite makes it all possible. The automated system brings together all of the data, creates the invoices, dispenses each, and provides visibility into the margins associated with each client.

Streamline processes, and realize growth potential

Crowe can help your organization realize its potential

Multiple systems are no longer necessary for staffing agencies to maintain accuracy or work efficiently. The NetSuite cloud-based system is a competitive tool fit for staffing agencies that are running on tight margins.

Once disparate pieces are optimized, businesses will find more simplicity in their operations and be able to identify opportunities for revenue growth – and a NetSuite implementation team that understands staffing industry needs can provide even more benefit.

Crowe has deep specialization in NetSuite ERP solutions and has worked to implement the wide variety of benefits for staffing agencies. We understand the complexities of your industry and the importance of a solution that makes your work easier with less incurred costs.

Read more about how NetSuite can help streamline processes and improve the bottom line, or request a demo to see the technology in action.

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Adnan Patel
Adnan Patel
Principal, Oracle NetSuite Leader
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Matt Fisher