NetSuite ERP implementation benefits for parts distributors

Adnan Patel, Grant Ludema
| 3/13/2023
NetSuite ERP implementation benefits for parts distributors

Imagine a world where parts distributors had full visibility into the supply of manufacturers and could anticipate and prepare for customer orders.

What if a distributor’s warehouse was organized and easy to navigate so that the moment a customer order was placed, the team and system could jump into action. Then picture customers being alerted every step of the way – from picking and packing to shipping and delivery. It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t.

These processes are within reach. Parts distributors shouldn’t have to deal with uncertain manufacturer timelines, inaccurate inventory counts, stagnant growth, or the inability to alert customers about their orders. And they don’t have to – these challenges can be avoided through the implementation of a capable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

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A robust ERP system is critical for parts distributors

Existing systems might seem to cover most needs but in fact still present limitations that slow down processes or hinder efficiency. However, with the right ERP system implementation, processes can run smoothly, without delay and without needing to find workarounds to inadequate systems.

Not all ERP solutions are created equal. Many have similar features, but the NetSuite solution has a few standard functions that make it a better choice for parts distributors, including:

  • Searches that can be configured to discover information for the end user, no matter the point in the order and distribution process or what information is needed
  • Reports that can be generated using any necessary data points and designed for clear visualization of key information
  • Scalability to add warehouses or inventory without fear of needing to switch solutions to keep up with growth

Additionally, Crowe has created the Crowe Parts Distribution Accelerator for NetSuite to help manage needs specific to parts distribution like back-order management, advanced pricing and promotions, order selection and consolidation, and more.

But there’s so much more to this solution than its standard features. A NetSuite ERP system implementation can give parts distributors a competitive advantage with customizations and industry-specific enhancements.

Simplify and reshape complex business operations to help drive growth 
Dig deeper into the Crowe Parts Distribution Accelerator.

3 benefits of a NetSuite ERP system implementation

How a team spends its day is indicative of how well its systems work. If team members are always fixing problems or finding workarounds, they’re not focused on the things that help the business grow and meet or exceed industry and customer expectations. With a NetSuite ERP system implementation, parts distribution businesses can find benefits in many areas. The following three are critical.

1. Gain supply chain visibility

It’s no secret that supply chains have been struggling the past few years, but with the right systems in place, businesses can react and plan accordingly.

A NetSuite ERP system offers visibility across the supply chain, allowing parts distributors to connect with manufacturers and customers that use similar systems. When these systems can talk to each other, parts distributors gain insight into production and logistical timelines and make adjustments as needed.

Customers are likely to trust that when they need a part, a distributor that has the ability to anticipate and adjust can make it happen.

2. Verify industry and customer compliance

A robust ERP system can help parts distributors meet the demands of customers that require a high level of compliance with industry regulatory agencies.

A NetSuite solution offers visibility into the entire inventory, employee efficiency, and much more. For industries that require distributors to maintain a certain level of inventory, those numbers are available within seconds because of the automation capabilities of a NetSuite ERP system. When industries need items to be shipped within two days, or when fines are looming over late shipments, the solution will show whether a team is staffed to meet demand.

Regulations are an important issue for many industries, and the ability to maintain compliance and help customers do the same is key.

3. Meet customer demands

Because of recent system adoptions across industries, automation has allowed customers to receive order updates without much effort.

Distributors of all kinds are using ERP and customer relationship management systems to stay in constant communication with their customers. People are used to getting confirmation emails, order updates, and delivery notifications. The same level of insight can be given to customers of parts distributors with NetSuite automation capabilities.

Some customer agreements might require complete visibility into a parts distributor’s processes, and the interconnectedness that a NetSuite solution offers can make that a reality.

A NetSuite ERP system implementation offers growth opportunities

Parts distributors can experience so much growth potential once they have a full range of visibility, are confident that they are meeting regulatory guidelines, and are keeping up with customer demands. Processes that were taking up time and employee effort are now automated, opening up the chance to plan for something new.

NetSuite automates and simplifies the day-to-day tasks of its users, allowing them to focus on what comes next.

Rather than verifying inventory by hand, distributors can add new facilities to house the additional inventory that they can see will be needed.

Instead of worrying about meeting compliance requirements, distributors can help customers meet their needs.

In lieu of manually renewing contracts and cold-calling, distributors can have customers automatically renew contracts and refer new business.

We can help you set up NetSuite specifically for wholesale distribution.

Crowe has already developed several solutions within NetSuite to address the challenges and barriers to growth for our wholesale distributor clients. We can do it for you, too, in less time than you might expect.

NetSuite consulting services

NetSuite consulting services

Choose the implementation that works for your business

A NetSuite ERP implementation is a lot of work, but businesses don’t have to do it alone. Crowe has worked with many parts distributors to get the system just right – and we offer different implementation models to fit our clients’ needs.

If you’re interested in seeing if your unique industry requirements can be managed with a NetSuite software implementation, let’s talk. We’re confident that we can help you find the solution.

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