Your business needs NetSuite integrations

| 4/7/2023
Your business needs NetSuite integrations

You’ve heard it a lot (we’ve even said it before) – NetSuite is a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that brings together disjointed systems to help automate and streamline processes. And integrations boost its ability to enhance visibility and efficiency across an organization.

No matter the industry, the best workflows require connections between each platform or application – where the moment a data point is updated in one system, another system is able to use it. But many companies still use disjointed systems that aren’t connected in any meaningful way and require manual overrides of information just to keep business running smoothly.

NetSuite can connect and consolidate many different platforms – from e-commerce to manufacturing and beyond. It has the ability to merge with these platforms in a way that enhances visibility and efficiency across an organization, and it does so through integrations.

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What is a NetSuite integration?

Integrations are critical to making NetSuite a single source of truth.

Integrations connect NetSuite software with third-party systems. Essentially, when data is put into NetSuite, an integration allows the data to be readily available in the other system and vice versa. Once information is updated in the other system, NetSuite is able to use it as well.

Cloud-based ERP solutions are an investment in the business, so it makes sense to fully utilize their capabilities. Without the right infrastructure, companies could be missing out on inventory updates, order fulfillment, shipping notifications, billing accuracy, or even growth opportunities, to name a few examples. These issues can not only increase frustration but also influence customers’ overall satisfaction.

Choosing the right NetSuite integrations is critical

Choosing when to implement NetSuite integrations is equally important

With dozens of NetSuite integrations to choose from, it’s important to have a provider that understands the business and can help point it in the right direction. Among the choices are custom integrations and prebuilt NetSuite Connectors. NetSuite’s SuiteApp is its own library of apps to extend its possibilities, and the store's options are seemingly endless. A NetSuite solution provider can help narrow down the options to find the integrations that fit the business best.

Whether a business is just getting started with NetSuite or has been working with the system for a while, implementing an integration is a process. But no matter where a company is in that journey, integrations need to work immediately.

Having a trusted provider help choose and implement NetSuite integrations at the same time the team is learning the new ERP system is ideal but not always feasible. For companies already using NetSuite, adding a new integration is still possible and beneficial. That is one of the many benefits of NetSuite: The system is flexible enough to connect and work alongside the third-party system upon implementation.

The top 2 benefits of NetSuite integrations

The benefits of NetSuite integrations are many, but two of the most meaningful ones include:

Improved efficiency

With all systems integrated into NetSuite, businesses work with a single source of truth. Automation can help save time (and money) by eliminating the need to manually import data, garner insights, fulfill orders, send billing, and much more – all while getting the job done more quickly and accurately.

Better visibility

Multiple systems make it difficult to know precisely what is happening and how things affect all aspects of the business at one time. NetSuite provides insight into internal and external systems like current and updated inventory, fulfillment processes, and contract adjustments so that businesses can make the best decisions as they go.

We can help you set up NetSuite specifically for wholesale distribution.

Crowe has already developed several solutions within NetSuite to address the challenges and barriers to growth for our wholesale distributor clients. We can do it for you, too, in less time than you might expect.

NetSuite consulting services

NetSuite consulting services

Consider Crowe as your NetSuite solution provider

Crowe is a public accounting, consulting, and technology firm that has worked with clients across industries to implement, integrate, and adjust NetSuite as needed. We can help you get started and assist in choosing the NetSuite integrations that are right for your business’s unique needs. Or, we can work with you to make the most out of your current NetSuite setup by suggesting integrations that can help fill the gaps.

Remember, each NetSuite integration is different, and not every e-commerce, asset management, logistics, or loyalty integration is right for you. Even the same app integration is used differently by each business.