Digital Talent Influencer

You dream big and we'll make it happen.

Conceirge-style business management services for Influencers, Content Creators, Media Personalities and more. 

At Crowe Soberman, we help digital talent develop their business, letting them focus on creating the best possible content.

Creative business solutions for a brand that is as unique as yours. 

Being an online personality is incredibly rewarding: not only do you have a platform to share your voice, you are able to build, connect and inspire a like-minded community – not to mention getting paid to do what you love. Our concierge-style financial services are geared towards making your life easier – requiring as little input (and hassle) from you as possible but offering peace of mind that the business-side is looked after, your finances are managed professionally, and opportunities are not missed.

From a strategic perspective, we structure your business and income streams in a coordinated mannerwhile ensuring your tax affairs are planned optimally. Monitor the success of your business across any device in real-time as we utilize a package of industry leading cloud-based software.

What We Do

Business Services
Minimize Your Taxes
Proactive Planning
Strategic Advisors
Business Services
  • Bookkeeping (XERO Cloud)
  • Bill Payment
  • Tax & Accounting Compliance
  • Business Advice
  • Legal Stewardship
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Revenue Stream
  • Cost & Margin Analysis
  • Savings & Investment Planning
Digital Talent
Minimize Your Taxes
We act as your strategic advisory team, identifying and taking advantage of every tax-minimizing opportunity available to protect the money you've earned.
Digital Talent
Proactive Planning
Our services are tailored for proactively managing your business using up to date numbers, and delivering real-time insights and recommendations.
Digital Talent
Strategic Advisors
We're more than just accountants. We're your trusted business advisors, providing expert advice tailored to your specific needs as a dynamic business owner and media personality.
Digital Talent

Real-time insights for real-time decisions.

When you wait to do your books once a year, you lose the ability to instantaneously take advantage of and monetize opportunities. Real-time accounting allows you to focus on the present and understand exactly where you stand with your account balances, revenue, and profit.

Crowe Soberman’s business  management services bring immediate insights and optimization, where the benefits include:

  • Streamlined cash flow management
  • Faster identification of any tax liabilities, as well as the ability to reduce or eliminate penalties from paying late or underestimating taxes due
  • Ability to see whether you are making a profit or a loss
  • Lower accounting costs when errors snowball over time
  • Ability to be more proactive in your business management, capitalizing on opportunities that present themselves in the numbers
  • Built-in entertainment industry connections through our existing network
  • More peace of mind

CRA Crackdown on Social Media Influencers

Jeffrey Steinberg
Jeffrey Steinberg
Partner, Business Management & Transactional Services
Jeffrey Steinberg CPA Professional Corporation
Adam Scherer
Managing Partner
Adam Scherer Professional Corporation
Alana Engelberg Crowe Soberman Toronto
Alana Engelberg
Manager, Business Management Services
Alice Madolciu Crowe Soberman
Alice Madolciu
Senior Manager, Tax