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Our Story

Crowe Soberman is a Toronto-based public accounting firm that serves businesses and individuals in the areas of audit, tax, advisory and risk.

Learn more about our history below.
Soberman Isenbaum and Nisker was founded by Max Soberman and Hy Isenbaum.
The original firm merged with another midtown Toronto firm, Papernick Colomby & Klein, to become Soberman Isenbaum Colomby & Nisker.
The firm was renamed Soberman Isenbaum & Colomby when Bernie Nisker left the firm. It would remain that way as the firm continued to grow in size and revenue. At the firm’s helm was its first managing partner, John Colomby, who formally retired at the end of 2000.
Eric Bornstein was appointed the next managing partner, and under his leadership, the firm grew in size and sophistication. In 2003, the firm’s Management Committee decided to refresh its visual identity by simplifying their name to Soberman LLP. Almost a decade later, Eric retired as managing partner at the end of 2010.
Eric was succeeded by Jerry Cukier. In the same year, the firm became an independent member of the international network Crowe Global.
Soberman LLP rebranded to become Crowe Soberman LLP in order to embrace new global opportunities created through our international network.
Jerry was succeeded by Adam Scherer as the next managing partner.

Crowe Soberman LLP is one of the largest accounting firms in Canada. The firm continues to offer a comprehensive range of audit & accounting, tax, advisory and risk consulting services to meet the needs of our clients. We provide innovative solutions and a comprehensive range of services that help clients take control of their businesses.

Our motto: Passionate people producing meaningful results.