Crowe Soberman Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy

Crowe Soberman LLP is fully committed to providing all services in such a way that the independence and dignity of persons with disability is respected. It is important to us that everyone received the same quality of services, and that access to those services is not restricted as a result of disability.

Our firm demonstrates our commitment in this regard in the following ways:

  • Communication – We will endeavour to communicate in ways that take into account, the needs created by disability. As an example, we have attempted to avoid posting non-accessible PDFs on our website where possible. The only exceptions are PDFs prepared by third parties. Should a person require assistance with a non-accessible PDF posted to our website, we would be happy to find an alternative option upon request.
  • Assistive devices – Our premises accommodate such devices and the staff members who are responsible for greeting visitors on a regular basis are familiar with such devices.
  • Use of registered service animals and support persons – Clients or visitors are welcome to be assisted by service animal or support people at any time.
  • Notice of temporary disruption – In the unlikely event that access to our premises is restricted in some way, we will endeavour to provide as much notice in that regard as possible. This notice will set out alternative facilities or services available, as appropriate.
  • Training and Internal Communication – All firm members have been provided a summary of the requirements under AODA and the spirit behind the legislation. Training is provided as needed for new employees. We maintain records of all such training. Most importantly, the partners and senior management of Crowe Soberman LLP are fully supportive of the rights of people with disabilities and are committed to conducting their day to day business in such a way that dignity and independence for all are maintained at all times.


We welcome your feedback on the way our firm provides services to people with disabilities. You can speak with reception or send an email to: [email protected] or write to:

AODA - Human Resources Manager
Crowe Soberman LLP
Chartered Professional Accountants
2 St. Clair Ave E, Suite 1100
Toronto ON M4T 2T5

All feedback will be provided to Susan Hodkinson, Chief Operation Officer. A copy will also be given to the Joint Health & Safety Committee. Clients can expect to hear back within ten (10) business days.

Any concerns and complaints will be brought to the attention of the firm’s Management Committee. A written response can be expected within ten (10) business day

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