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| 9/1/2018
Lauren Becker Recruitment

Welcome! I’m Lauren Becker, a CPA, CA and the Director of Professional Development at Crowe Soberman. It is my job to ensure that you pass your CFE exam. I oversee the entire process for each writer and ensure that you will receive the support you need.

Review the following sections to see how we help you through the CFE process.

How We Help

  • Approach
    For all prospective CPAs, the process of studying and taking the Common Final Examination (CFE) can be very intimidating, especially with the release of the new CPA Certification Program. With our comprehensive training programs for both the Professional Education Program (PEP) and the CFE, we provide you with all the tools and support you need to become a CPA.
  • Dedicated CFE Expert
    You’ve already met Lauren Becker, who is our highly skilled CFE expert committed to helping you pass your exams. Her background experience includes working at both international and mid-sized firms and it is her role to oversee the entire process and ensure each writer receives the support they need.

At Crowe Soberman, you get the best of both worlds: the resources of a large firm and the personalized attention of a smaller one.

  • Mentoring Program
    A strong support network is crucial to passing the CFE. Our personalized mentoring program is a one-on-one system that gives you open access to one of our CPAs who has recently been in your shoes. Your mentor will mark practice exams, review your progress and regularly offer you guidance, support and advice.
  • Preparatory Programs
    Crowe Soberman draws upon highly reputable experts to create a well-rounded study program that prepares you for each of the exams throughout the process. Our approach incorporates classes taught by Densmore experienced lecturers who will give you a competitive edge.
  • Our Resources
    Crowe Soberman’s robust CPA Preparatory Program includes mock exams, in-house case writing classes, professionally marked cases, coaching sessions and study schedules. We also provide you with time off to study and financial support for all examinations.

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Lauren Becker CFE Secret Weapon
Lauren Becker
Director, Professional Development