Watching Seeds Grow

Celebrating 50 Years

Gay Bigler
2017 Student Conference

In the Kelowna office, one of my favorite memories in my 13 years here is watching the progression of the students going through the accounting program, writing the exam, passing the exam, and the celebrations to follow.


It’s always a very exciting time in our office to watch them come out of the elevator after being up all night awaiting the results, then the traditional champagne toast and speeches.


I’ve been here long enough to see students become managers, then senior managers, and on to the partnership.



2017 Student Conference   2018 Student Conference   2019 Student Conference

The above images are from our 2017, 2018, and 2019 Student Conferences


Gay Bigler50 years Crowe Logo

Accounts Receivable, Kelowna

Retired December 2019