Pranks and Collaboration Have Made The "Good Times" Roll

Celebrating 50 Years

Michael Hubber
Michael Hubber Crowe MacKay Memory

Crowe MacKay LLP, and previously MacKay LLP, has always been a great place to work because of the people that I work with. I remember, many years ago, Nick Moffatt and I would play little pranks on each other. One of my favourites was when I rigged up a box of paper clips to spill all over the floor when he pulled his chair out from his desk. To get me back he removed all the wheels from my office chair. There were many other little pranks along the way but those two stick out in my memory.

I also really enjoyed collaborating with Dan Basso many years ago. He and I spent a lot of time together in 2008 working on writing the code for an Adobe toolbar for use with our CCH scan paperless file processes. Dan was so excited about working on it that he would always take it home and play around with the code in the evening. He would come in the next day and want to show me what he had come up with and new feature ideas he had. All in all we ended up writing over 832 lines of code for the toolbar plugin. It was a really rewarding experience to collaborate with him on that project.

There have been so many other great memories and great people that I have worked with over the years here. Those people, and the good times that we have had, have made Crowe MacKay a workplace that has been able to retain so many talented people for so many years.

Michael Hubber

Firm-wide IT Leader