A Retirement Plan Changed by New Opportunities

Celebrating 50 Years

Steve Lake
Steve Lake's 50th story
My experience with MacKay began in 2003. At a Surrey Board of Trade event I met Jack Arnold and he tried to recruit me. I said I wasn’t ready for a change at that time. My wife and I had a plan that I would retire out of the Lake & Associates partnership by the end of 2008 so it seemed a little premature. I said I wasn’t interested.
A short time later I was contacted by Hugh Livingstone to set up a meeting with him and Iain MacKay. What was the harm? I was impressed with Hugh and Iain and the ideas to draw me in. I saw opportunities that met with my retirement plan that included ensuring my partner and staff would have opportunities as well. So, we joined the firm effective July 1, 2003. 
Iain invited me to golf on numerous occasions. I know he was sizing me up as well as making me feel welcome. Within six months of starting with the firm I was working with Hugh and Keith and a former partner developing a 10 year plan for the Surrey and Vancouver offices. I became a leader of two groups, including an Entrepreneur Group and Marketing. This was a great experience for me, and hopefully for the managers I asked to be part of the team. I saw two of my team grow into partners, Craig Elliot and Bill Gill. My goals were more than met. I had so much fun, great experiences, and a great path to retirement. Crowe MacKay is a great firm with great opportunities. Happy 50th, congratulations to you all.

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Partner, Surrey 2003 - 2008