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Celebrating 50 Years

Alena Christie
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Some of my most memorable moments at Crowe MacKay began just a few short months since starting at the firm. I am very fortunate to have memories from each market as I traveled throughout my time here.

Working in the Edmonton office, I quickly realized how humble and down to earth everyone was and I immediately felt welcomed. During my office tour, I distinctly remember the TV/VCR combo in the lunchroom only to learn later that everyone gathered here to watch Family Feud and sporting events.

Visiting Calgary was fantastic. I had the opportunity to get to know the staff, have dinner with some of our Partners and their spouses, and volunteer with the group at EvenStart. When visiting the Calgary office, it is evident that they live out the Crowe values.

My first trip to the Vancouver and Surrey offices, I was invited to attend their annual BBQ and Bocce Ball tournament where the two offices came together on a Friday afternoon. Everyone seemed to have a blast and the food was phenomenal. Turns out, my bocce game could really use some work.

While visiting Whitehorse, given the amazing flight times, I arrived just before midnight. The hospitality was incredible. Mark Pike picked me up when I landed and dropped me off at my hotel. Not knowing where I was staying, we realized that the hotel was a 60-second car ride across the parking lot. The office was so welcoming and exudes a spirit of hard work and fun. During my stay, I was able to have dinner and meet all the partners and their spouses at a local pub. The city was spectacular and makes you feel like you’ve taken a step back in time. 

Yellowknife was surprising. My first time in the Northwest Territories, I was absolutely fascinated by the landscape. This is truly a place to explore. Fortunately, it was the middle of summer at a scorching 30 Celsius – a big difference to what the north is known for in the midst of winter. I had an opportunity to meet with almost everyone in the office. Jennifer Arnold and Gillian Lee took me for lunch at the museum and on a tour of the city, so I could learn all about the culture in the North. Such a beautiful place. I did go back for another trip in the winter to celebrate our group of CFE writers. It was such a blast but certainly felt like I’d stepped into my very own snow globe.  

Regina is always so welcoming when I arrive. I am always greeted by one of the members of the firm in the airport to take me to the office and they are quick to ensure I have whatever I need while visiting.  A diverse group of truly down to earth individuals.

Kelowna has such an inviting culture. The former Chair of the Executive Committee greeted me at the airport for my first visit. I met with most of the partners during my stay and was able to meet with so many key individuals involved in HR initiatives. It was amazing how many people were booked in my calendar in the short time I was there and how engaged their staff were in HR operations. It was wonderful to be able to have lunches and dinners with the teammate I work with on a day-to-day that I normally only see virtually.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that joining Crowe MacKay was the right choice.


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Alena Christie

Human Resources Manager, Firm Wide