Kelowna Celebrates Two Decades of their Annual Ping Pong Tournament

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| 4/17/2023

This year, the Kelowna office celebrates two decades of hosting their Annual Ping Pong Tournament during tax season. This event, which has become a highly anticipated tradition among staff, not only helps team members take breaks from their work but also fosters a sense of camaraderie, upholding the firm’s commitment to our core values: We Care. We Share. We Invest. We Grow.

Ping Pong Tournament

The Annual Ping Pong Tournament has become a staple to the Kelowna office’s health and wellness during busy season. In 2023, there was a total of 22 teams playing 42 matches over eight weeks. Devin Hilbrecht, Kelowna Associate, has taken a lead role in coordinating the tournament and has overseen the event for over a decade. He has now labelled it the ‘Crowe Madness’ tournament, not only because the timing lines up with NCAA basketball’s March Madness, but also because of the madness the office sees in March and April due to tax season. He values the tournament’s impact within the office and shares that "the timing of the tournament is intentional, giving everyone an opportunity to break up the long day and get some movement in.” 

Devin Hilbrecht
The tournament upholds our core values as we care about staff and understand how demanding the work can be in March and April. It provides an opportunity to break up the long day and play a great game.
Devin Hilbrecht
Devin Hilbrecht, CPA
Ping Pong Tournament Winners

In addition to providing team members a reason to get up from their desks, it’s also an opportunity to build new connections. Teams are created at random, mixing staff from all departments and roles. Devin shares that there are always team members hesitant to join the tournament. Whether it be a lack of skills or knowledge of how to play, he provides encouraging words, sharing that "the tournament isn’t about winning; it’s about being part of a team, creating new connections, and supporting others along the way.” 

Micheal Hubber, Firm-wide Director of IT Operations, has won the tournament several times and has been frequently voted the favourite to win by staff. As a now virtual team member and long-standing tournament participant, his advice to team members carrying on the tradition is to “have fun, play hard, and don’t put any more holes in the wall!” A testament to the good-spirited nature of the tournament.

To close off the event, the office proudly hosts a Championship Match where all staff are invited to celebrate the glorious wins and epic defeats.

At Crowe MacKay, investing in employee growth is more than just a motto; it's a guiding principle. The Annual Ping Pong Tournament is just one example of how our firm invests in its employees' personal and professional development.

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