The Power of People: Crowe MacKay’s 2022 CSR Report

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| 3/20/2023

Caring for our people. Investing in our clients. Sharing with our communities.

People are the pinnacle of our growth, and we are proud of the positive change we are building in and outside of our firm. We progress daily and continue to prove to ourselves that we are better when we work together. Each year our actions have a greater impact, a testament to our people living our core values.

2022 CSR Report

Read how our collective action continues to provide lasting value to both our local and global communities.

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Our Impact in 2022

  • $280,000+ invested in professional training and development
  • $600,000+ contributed to employee health and wellness
  • $261,500+ donated to local and global charities
  • 118+ organizations supported
  • 950+ hours volunteered
  • $35,000+ invested in diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives
  • $26,000+ distributed in student scholarships and bursaries

How We Bring Our Values to Life

New Partners 2022 Annual Conference

Organizational Health

We build our culture on our ability to maximize the potential of our teams because we know we are our best when we invest in our people. Always striving to make a difference, we show we care through our actions toward our colleagues, clients, and communities. Learn more
Brittany Pitruniak
We are proud of our people for their dedication to creating safe spaces and empowering each other to be their authentic selves. Our culture is centered on inclusion and creating opportunities for growth by building diverse teams.
Brittany Pitruniak
Brittany Pitruniak
Director of Marketing & Communications
Chairperson, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Community & Global Enrichment

Our firm is focused on more than just building clientele. Our foundation and strength stem from actively investing in our people and communities. It’s what’s differentiated us for over 50 years and created the heart of our culture. Across northern and western Canada, our offices are committed to finding opportunities to strengthen their communities. Living our core values means putting people first. Learn more
Kelowna PRIDE
Conven Tang
We support and invest in our clients beyond the annuity and advisory work. It is an honour and great pleasure to have the opportunity to support the young people of Bearspaw Nation in continuing their education by donating to the Ozija Thiha Education Trust (OTET).
Conven Tang
Conven Tang, CPA, CA
Partner, Edmonton
Shoreline Clean-up

Environmental Stewardship

Mindful of how our actions impact the environment, we invest the time to research, educate, and encourage greener habits amongst our teams. From shifting commuting habits, reducing plastic consumption, volunteering with eco-conscious organizations, and supporting local businesses, we aim to have a big impact while leaving a small footprint in our communities. Learn more

Sustainable Leafy-Greens Producer

Fresh Green Farms is disrupting the ag-industry with their vision of a new, sustainable farming solution.

Economic Responsibility

We are a team of advisors, trusted by our communities. Our professionals are dedicated to their professional development, staying current on the latest industry trends and regulations. With a history of over 12 FCPAs awarded to Crowe MacKay professionals and dozens of CPAs recognized with awards, our team is proud to serve as your trusted advisors. Learn more
Diana Huang 2019 Crowe MacKay Conference
Pejman Mahoolji
Our clients trust us. From identifying growth opportunities, monitoring market trends, and advising on emerging technologies, the expertise spanning our Global Network equates to success for our clients.”
Pejman Mahoolji
Pejman Mahlooji, CPA, CA
Partner, Vancouver

2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Stefan Ferris
Stefan Ferris
Chief Executive Officer, Partner, Incorporated, Office Managing Partner 
West Coast Offices
Brittany Pitruniak
Brittany Pitruniak 
Director, Marketing & Communications
Alena Christie
Alena Christie
Manager, Human Resources, Firm Wide