Michael Hubber

Michael  Hubber

Director, Transformation Services

500 - 1620 Dickson Avenue

Kelowna, British Columbia  V1Y 9Y2


Celebrating over 15 years with Crowe MacKay, Michael Hubber has consistently showcased an aptitude for technological innovation and strategic implementation. His journey, which commenced in the role of a Systems Administrator, has been marked by consistent advancement.

During his tenure as Firm-wide IT Leader Michael undertook an IT centralization project, merging the infrastructure and IT operations of all office locations. He pioneered the integration of software tools and systems that enabled IT staff to offer remote services to the entire firm, and for the Firm’s staff to work anywhere. He also spearheaded the consolidation of diverse office telephone systems into a singular, cloud-based, unified communications network.

Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence and forward-thinking, Michael has been the driving force behind Crowe MacKay's transition to the next generation of technological infrastructure. He championed the firm’s migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud and seamlessly integrated other cloud-based platforms, ensuring that Crowe MacKay remains agile in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Understanding the paramount importance of security in today's cyber-centric environment, Michael has been proactive in fortifying Crowe MacKay's digital defences. This is evidenced by his role in implementing security measures such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and the adoption of advanced penetration testing tools. These initiatives underscore Michael's holistic approach to IT, where robust security protocols align with the firm's broader technological aspirations, ensuring that both data and operations are safeguarded against modern threats.

Outside of spearheading technological initiatives, he is also an avid skier, camper, and computer gamer, often indulging in virtual escapades with his two children. Moreover, his competitive spirit shines through annually as a five-time champion of the Kelowna office’s Tax Season Ping Pong tournament.

Michael's journey at Crowe MacKay stands as a testament to his technological abilities, strategic vision, and unwavering dedication. With every initiative and decision, he reinforces Crowe MacKay's commitment to excellence, customer service, and to providing practical technological solutions. In serving the firm, its clients, and its stakeholders, Michael Hubber remains an indispensable pillar, embodying both the history and the future of Crowe MacKay’s, and its client’s, IT success.

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Service Focus
  • Technology Consulting
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  • Network and Telecommunications Engineering Technology (NTEN) Diploma, Okanagan College