A Merger With A Passion for People

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| 2/11/2019
Accounting Firm Merge 2019

Our firm is growing!

As we embark on our 50th year, we’re proud to announce we've expanded our firm to the Sunshine Coast with acquisition of TCG Chartered Professional Accounts LLP ("The Coast Group"). Crowe MacKay LLP now serves clients through nine offices across Western and Northern Canada.

This merger brings together two successful audit, tax, and advisory firms built through exceeding clients’ expectations. Crowe MacKay LLP’s CEO, Bruce Picton, believes “TCG brings excellent talent and premier market standing to our growing Crowe MacKay team." He expresses how "TCG naturally fits with our existing Vancouver and Surrey office. The specialty services of Crowe MacKay, together with the relationships of TCG, promise to enhance our service to businesses across the Sunshine Coast.”

This merger is an example of how we are continuing to serve our clients with more expertise and resources, making smart decisions that create lasting value.

TCG Chartered Professional Accountants LLP are the premier firm located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, whose dedicated team have built their business on a foundation of strong client relationships. The excitement of the acquisition doesn’t only come from Bruce but as well from Richard Wilson, Managing Partner of TCG. Richard relays that with ever-changing technology and the challenges of recruiting and training staff, he saw growth opportunities to be limited. The merger "was the right move, at the right time, with the right people," both sharing similar values and commitments to innovation, opportunities, and growth.

With changing times and strong company values, Richard is happy to say that "the merger with Crowe MacKay LLP was everything [they] wanted. We get to be part of a bigger team and benefit from that shared vision, but didn’t have to change who we are.

While Richard admits he had interests from other firms in acquiring TCG, he stood firm on their commitment to their community and people, and to not compromise their values, to which he found naturally fit with the existing values of Crowe MacKay. There is also familiarity and trust built between TCG and Crowe MacKay, as the two have worked closely as affiliates over the years. Richard's history with Crowe MacKay personally runs deeper as he was a past co-op student with the firm in 1993.

As an official office of Crowe MacKay, TCG will be known as our Sunshine Coast location, with offices in Sechelt, Gibsons, and Pender Harbour.

Read more on the Sunshine Coast Location here.


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