2018 Highlights Growth Globally & Locally

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| 2/14/2019
2018 Highlights Growth Globally and Locally

There's no denying 2018 was a year of change for us at Crowe MacKay LLP and our network, Crowe Global.

Crowe Global (Crowe) announced its latest financial performance information, showing 2018 revenues of $4.3 billion (revenue growth of 14%), in CEO's first year.

This leap comes off the back of a standout year for the world’s eighth largest accounting network, which underwent a major strategic brand consolidation exercise during the period.

Geographically, each of Crowe’s regional groups experienced growth, with the Asia Pacific practice growing by 41%, Africa by 9%, Middle East by 7%, North America by 6%, Europe by 5%, and Latin America by 2%.

Crowe has over 200 independent accounting and advisory firms in 130 countries. It is also one of the seven global firms in Gartner’s “magic quadrant” for risk consulting services. The network has a total global workforce of 36,540 professionals.

David Mellor, Crowe Global Chief Executive Officer shares: “The headline figures – in particular double-digit growth across the network – speak for themselves and should be celebrated. We are immensely proud of the work we have done throughout 2018 in a rapidly evolving marketplace and are already building on those successes as 2019 gets underway.”

He continues: “Importantly, the efforts of 2018 are helping us to foster deeper collaboration between and among member firms, building a global culture of innovation and efficiency, as well as growing multinational business.”

The Crowe MacKay team’s achievements in Western and Northern Canada reflects in our global success.

Crowe MacKay has worked hard and teamed to grow our business across our region. We continue to add terrific talent with specialized expertise. Global Mobility Services, Risk Advisory, IT Advisory, and SR&ED have been added to our exceptional taxation, valuation, and insolvency specialties. These growing specialties are arming Crowe MacKay to further exceed our client’s expectations.

In addition, our team was strengthened by our merger with our new Crowe Sunshine Coast team.

Bruce Picton, Chief Executive Officer of Crowe MacKay LLP, recognizes that "innovation and technology is critical to our business success in an increasingly disruptive world. The Crowe MacKay LLP team is combining technology and talent to support our clients while they make smart decisions with lasting value.”

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