10 Reasons Students Go Crowe


Why high-level candidates choose Crowe MacKay to grow their careers


1. A culture of teamwork, innovation, and growth

teamworkWith a team of over 400 across northern and western Canada, teamwork is at the core of our success. We know we are stronger together and because of this, we have been able to create lasting value for over 50 years. Our commitment to innovation allows our teams to stay connected not only across the country but around the world, with both Crowe colleagues and clients, making us the eighth largest accounting network in the world. 

We are focused on finding creative solutions for our clients and we pride ourselves on our diverse partnership. Each individual approaches business in a different way and this is why we are able to deliver success to our clients because we know they are unique too. We are confident the opportunities you will receive learning from professionals on a national and international scale will develop your technical and interpersonal skills, making you an exceptional addition to the accounting industry. 

Stefan Ferris
Crowe MacKay is committed to investing in its people.  We care about your journey and are committed to supporting you in achieving your goals. Culture is what sets us apart, and a focus on development, investment, and innovation are key to our success.
Stefan Ferris
Stefan Ferris
Chief Executive Officer
Crowe MacKay
2. Peer support at all levels

Peer supportMuch of your training to become a CPA is about what you learn on the job. You have your university education, but can you practically apply your knowledge? You will be supported by your supervisor, manager, and senior manager on each job, and our partners' doors are always open. You’ll be matched with a CFE mentor who works with you on a weekly basis, or more often when needed, to help you stay accountable to yourself and provide value added input to your study process and case writing skills. 


Being able to talk to someone who just recently went through the program really helps with managing stress and makes you feel like you aren’t going through the process alone. Crowe MacKay's personal approach to mentoring students provided a strong foundation in building my career.

- Gavin Dhami


3. Densmore CFE prep training

CFE PrepCrowe MacKay’s CFE prep program is integrated with the Densmore finalist program throughout the year you write your CFE. Every year in January we deliver a student conference with two days of CFE prep training with Densmore. The purpose of the training is to teach you how the exam is structured and marked, how studying for the exam is different from anything else you’ve studied for, and what you should be doing early in the process to increase your likelihood of success. During this weekend you’ll write, mark, and debrief your first simulations.

All of our CFE candidates attend Densmore summer school and our CFE study plan and results tracking is integrated with the Densmore process. In late August, we deliver a final Densmore session designed to respond to issues you’ve encountered during your study process - to enable you to use the last two weeks of the study period to address any outstanding issues before exam days. This session also teaches you how to appropriately wind down before your exam to increase the likelihood that you’ll be in your best form on each exam day. From technical skills to creating healthy habits, we are with you on every step of your CFE journey.


Crowe uses supportive mentorship, peer groups, study leave, and an enhanced CFE study program to ensure success as a CPA student. I valued all of these key elements and they served me well on the CFE, where I achieved National Honour Roll.

- Jason Lenz


4. Extraordinary annual student conference

student conferenceEvery year we deliver the Crowe MacKay Student Conference, a gathering designed to ensure you meet your colleagues from all of our offices and help you to develop relationships that often last throughout your career. We deliver technical training at this event but also set aside a significant amount of time for networking and team activities. We’ve gone dog sledding in Yellowknife, driven Segways through Edmonton’s river valley, did wine tastings in Kelowna, and attended a hockey game in Vancouver. Each year we explore one of the cities our offices are located in, giving you the experience of seeing these lively communities in person.


The annual student conferences allowed me to meet peers from various offices that have become my friends – reaching milestones at the same time. At the conference, after receiving rigorous technical training during the day, we were then rewarded with memorable bonding experiences such as tubing, wine tasting, visiting ice castles, and more. The conference is a truly highly anticipated event that represents the meaning of work-life balance to the firm.

 - Riza Ponce

5. High quality professional development

At Crowe MacKay, we believe in training the whole professional. What does this mean? While your technical skills are the foundation of your career, your long term success largely depends on your ability to develop your personal skills. This includes your abilities to network, communicate across generations, balance competing priorities, manage difficult conversations and relationships, and understand and respond to ethical dilemmas. These issues are relevant to both your professional and interpersonal tool box. Receiving your designation is only the first step in your career journey.

Kynan McIntyre
Crowe MacKay has a strong program for getting you prepared for your CFE, but more importantly, allows you to learn a wide variety of practical skills. They offer many different types of work and their teams are always on hand to provide guidance, helping you learn and grow from each of the engagements. 
Kynan McIntyre
Kynan McIntyre
Crowe MacKay LLP
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6. International secondment opportunities

SecondmentGet experience abroad and work on receiving your designation. Our secondment opportunities temporarily send staff from participating Crowe MacKay offices to another within our Crowe Global network. This trade of talent is meant as a means of sharing resources to support member firms as workload fluctuates throughout the year, as well as offer individuals a unique and rewarding experience.

For our young professionals, secondment opportunities do not only allow them to be immersed in another culture and business setting, but also greatly enhances their professional development and network. These paid assignments typically last two to four months, with traveling expenses, including travel insurance, covered by the hosting office. Details on participating Crowe MacKay offices, eligibility, secondment assignments, and more can be found on our secondment page.


For anyone considering a secondment opportunity within any of the Crowe offices, my advice is this: do it. It provides you with such an amazing opportunity to grow professionally and to visit a place you may have never considered possible before.

- Jonathon Hiscock


7. Flexibility

FlexibilityBecause sometimes life doesn’t go the way we thought it would. We understand life can throw you curve balls and when this happens we are committed to working with you to create a flexible work plan. As much as we are confident in our training and support systems, we also understand the pressures that exist on your CFE journey.


While our study schedules are designed to assist you in managing your time, our one-on-one mentorship support provides you the foundation in building relationships that promote communication, and empower you to advocate for your needs. We understand learning styles are unique to the individual, so whether your style is to study alone, in groups, with music, or in silence, we’ve got your back. You’ll receive dedicated time off through the summer allowing you to fully focus on your studies, and fully prepare for writing the CFE in the fall. 

- Tessa Elliott


8. Commitment to mentorship, diversity, and inclusion

CommunityOur commitment to raising the bar translates to your success. In providing you the training to acquire your designation, we also place an emphasis in creating well-rounded professionals. 

Ensuring our CFE training is the best it can be is just one piece of the puzzle. Crowe MacKay’s CFE mentorship program is also integrated with Densmore’s training. Each year we modify mentor training that builds upon the knowledge we’ve developed in the past. We evaluate the previous year’s CFE report, considering issues that have arisen either in the exam setting or during the previous year’s summer program with a view to continually increase our internal mentorship skills. Every year, together with Densmore, we set aside a day to train all of our CFE mentors based on our updated mentorship protocols.

The Crowe MacKay culture is built on the core values: We Care, We Share, We Invest, We Grow, and in living these values and having them guide us in our practice we are committed to making a difference. We believe in creating a culture that grows exceptional professionals in the industry who want to help clients succeed and have an impact in their community. We are continually learning and growing to be better for our clients, colleagues, and communities as we build a diverse and inclusive team across northern and western Canada.


Crowe MacKay’s mentor program was very helpful in being able to ask questions and set goals. The firm’s CFE program was fantastic because we were really able to just follow the process and focus on our studies. 

- Ellen Green


9. Dedication to our communities Diversity

Crowe MacKay inspires impactful global citizens through a corporate culture of care.

We place value on investing in our communities. We inspire impactful global citizens through a corporate culture of care by focusing on four pillars of corporate social responsibility: Community & Global Enrichment; Organizational Health; Economic Responsibility; and Environmental Stewardship. Through these pillars we are creating well-rounded teams who care for their communities, workplace, the profession, and the environment. If we’re being honest, we don’t have room to share all of our good news stories – but you can read them here and get inspired by our Crowe teams!


We at Crowe have always felt that continually growing our close connection with our community is at the very core of our values and that these privileges and opportunities are what make working at Crowe such a great career option.

- Rohan Jacobs


10. Opportunities to build your personal brand

personal brandWhen you begin your career with Crowe you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone, create relationships, take a risk, and try new things – and we are talking both in and outside of work. Challenge yourself to work in different service offerings; learn about new industries that we serve clients in; volunteer with a local charity; attend that networking event — whatever it is, you’ll be supported in creating your personal brand. 

Brianne Formosa
Since joining Crowe MacKay, I have had endless support as I have grown in the firm, with lots of mentorship from our partnership base. This has allowed me to structure my position in a way that isn’t solely client service. On top of my duties as a Senior Manager, I lead our local recruiting efforts, help build policies as part of our Diversity and Inclusion Council, and plan many of our social events. 
Brianne Formosa
Brianne Formosa
Senior Manager
Crowe MacKay LLP