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Growing and expanding your business

We can support in all aspects of planning to ensure your business and key talent prosper as you grow and push boundaries to exceed in your sector.

Whether you are looking to grow within the UK or internationally, we will work with our international network, Crowe Global to support you and implement your expansion strategy.

Business considerations


How we can help

Whether you are seeking to grow organically or through acquisition there are pitfalls and opportunities that need to be carefully managed to maximise your chances of success.

We can support the business in securing attractive tax reliefs, grants and other incentives, particularly when innovation and research and development (R&D) play a part in your business.

Our corporate finance team can support with fund raising and business acquisitions –supporting you in raising finance to grow your business or identifying and supporting with the assessment and structuring of appropriate acquisitions.

  • UK and international expansion, reorganisation and structuring advice.
  • Equity – SEIS, EIS, VCT.
  • Debt financing and interest deductibility.
  • Change of control and dilution considerations.
  • Claiming tax reliefs including R&D, patent box. 
  • Capital allowances.
  • Grants and incentives.
  • International trade advice.
  • Withholding taxes.
  • Transfer pricing and profit allocations.
  • Asset acquisitions – how to structure.
  • Supply chain review for VAT and customs duty efficiency.
  • Business loan protection.
  • Key person / shareholder protection.

Owner and employee considerations

How we can help

In a growing business there is a fine balance to be struck between profit extraction for shareholders and reinvestment for future growth. We provide tailored personal coaching for business owners and a friendly experienced ear. We can support in all aspects of planning in this respect and ensure the business, and the key talent retained within it, are well placed to continue to deliver your growth strategy.

  • Targeted employee share plans.
  • Profit extraction and remuneration planning.
  • Support counselling.
  • Financial planning.
  • Funding.

Risk and compliance

How we can help

As the business grows so too does the compliance and administrative burden. We can support with general compliance, tax investigations, anti-fraud measures and compliance around gender pay, anti-slavery and Bribery Act issues – all of which are increasingly commonplace.

  • Compliance advice.
  • Tax investigations and dispute resolution.
  • Corporate Criminal Offence – to prevent tax evasion.
  • Gender pay, anti-slavery and Bribery Act compliance.

International considerations


Owner or employee considerations

Business considerations

  • Government grants.
  • Export credits/guarantees.
  • Practical advice on international trading, dealing with documentation and excise duty requirements.

Risk and compliance

  • Global tax strategy.
  • International compliance advice.
  • Tax efficient planning.

Setting up or expanding overseas

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Architectural buildings

Case studies

Private equity buy and build investments

The client is a group involved in the supply of specialist services to the veterinary market. Following a significant equity investment into the client and a change in the management structure, August Equity backed a buy and build strategy which has to date, resulted in 6 bolt-on acquisitions and a more than doubling of the group’s EBITDA.

What help did they require?

Buy side acquisition support including deal structuring and negotiation, financial due diligence and documentation review.

How did we help them?

We assisted in the original private equity investment in terms of negotiation, structuring and project management and have subsequently provided support on all the acquisitions that have been completed (plus on others that were assessed and failed to complete). We have developed a slick and robust acquisition advisory model and approach, which benefits August Equity and the group’s management and we are a key team member in terms of helping the client to grow through consolidation in the marketplace.

What did this mean for the client?

The client has substantially grown its business in a little over 3 years, more than doubling its profitability. It has branched out into overseas markets through acquisition and has become the number one provider of its specialist services to vets in the UK.


£4 million growth capital investment into Biosite Systems Limited

Biosite is a Midlands based supplier of biometric access control and software-based workforce management systems. It specialises in fingerprint access control in the construction industry as well as a broader security offering including integrated CCTV, fire alarms and guarding.

What help did they require?

Mobeus required a financial due diligence review on Biosite, the focus of which included an assessment of the business’ anticipated growth .


How did we help them?

We prepared and issued a focused due diligence report that provided Mobeus with the clarity they required around the key issues and risks.

What did this mean for the client?

Mobeus were able to conclude on their internal processes and procedures and successfully invested in the business to assist in its future growth and development.


Investing in success: how R&D cash tax benefits can help fund growing businesses

Nurturing a thriving business can be challenging with many different factors influencing whether the business thrives.

Many businesses maintain an edge over their competitors by being innovative and developing new and improved product ranges. However, investing in innovation tends to come at a cost and this can be a significant drain on limited funding resources. For innovative businesses research and development cash tax benefits can provide a valuable additional source of cash funding.

The Company’s trade comprises the manufacture of non-metallic cladding systems for the application in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. However, in an increasingly competitive marketplace the company had to invest heavily in order to ensure its cladding remained a market leader.

The company sought to develop a more cost effective system, using glass reinforced polyester resin (GRP) technology that would aid installation of the cladding whilst remaining fully compliant with the regulations for low flame spread and smoke emissions.

What help did they require?

The development required a significant investment in technology, and with limited funding available to the company, they needed to access alternative sources of funding.


How did we help them?

We identified a number of aspects of the development on which R&D cash tax benefits could be claimed and helped them prepare their R&D claim.

What did this mean for the client?

The R&D claim resulted in the company receiving £81,000 of R&D cash tax credits from HMRC.

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