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Day-to-day management of your business

We can help ensure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently removing the financial and administrative obstacles.

As a business grows so does the complexity, administrative burden and risk attached to it. We can provide day-to-day help and advice ensuring your business remains on track from attracting and retaining employees to providing bookkeeping and back office support.

Business considerations


How we can help

As the business grows it is important to make the most efficient use of your working capital. We can support and help you maximise your working capital cycle, take advantage of any tax reliefs available and ensure the business is in the best position to secure future growth.

  • Remuneration planning / cash extraction.
  • Claiming tax reliefs including research and development (R&D) and the patent box.


Owner and employee considerations

How we can help

All employers must now offer pensions schemes to their staff. Additional benefits and incentive packages are important when looking to retain key personnel. Properly establishing and managing appropriate and affordable incentive schemes can ensure talent is retained and the business thrives. We have specialist teams who can support you and your staff to ensure the business is best placed to deliver growth.

  • Status of workers.
  • Employee benefits and rewards.
  • Pension scheme arrangements and funding.
  • Directors death in service / relevant life cover

Risk and compliance

How we can help

As a business grows outsourcing the financial and compliance functions is often the most cost effective way of keeping your house in order.

At Crowe we have dedicated teams ready to support you through the business journey, supporting with all aspects of your day-to-day needs ranging from bookkeeping and daily processing through to payroll and tax management, monthly, quarterly and year end reporting, business planning and audit.

  • Forecasting and cash flow management.
  • Compliance advice.
  • Management accounts.
  • Payroll and VAT advice/compliance.
  • Auto-enrolment.
  • Making Tax Digital (MTD).
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Statutory accounts.

  • Tax compliance.
  • Company secretarial.
  • Audit.
  • Support with employment tax reporting.
  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).
  • Support with HMRC enquiries and dispute resolution.


Case study

Managing HMRC challenges for a growing family run clothing business

For many start-up businesses the early years are spent developing their product base and establishing their brand. This can be costly and tends to come at a time which is either pre-revenue or when sales are modest and income minimal. So for many early stage businesses having adequate funding is critical to the business’ ultimate success. Whilst there are many sources of funding available to businesses, for those that are innovative research and development (R&D) cash tax benefits can be available.

What help did they require?

A growing and successful family run clothing business required our help dealing with challenges from an HMRC inspector who wanted to audit all business and personal books and records, see the business in operation at its premises, and interview various staff members.

How did we help them?

We provided a buffer between the client and HMRC as well as making sure that HMRC did not overstep its legal powers but, at the same time, recognised the taxpayer safeguards in place in the legislation. We stood up to HMRC and ensured that the scope of their review was restricted to a specific tax year, only a sample of business records rather than all of them, only records which HMRC is strictly entitled to see rather than all business and private records, and no visit was made to the business premises which could be both disruptive and cause unwanted concern to staff seeing HMRC inspectors wandering around. In addition, HMRC was allowed to meet only with specific, key personnel, not staff generally.

What did this mean for the client?

It is inevitable that businesses sometimes have to make time to deal with HMRC challenges, which diverts proprietors from running and growing the business. We were able to minimise the scope of HMRC’s review and therefore the time the directors had to devote to it. This minimised the disruption whilst at the same time preventing further enquiries from HMRC.

We help clients at every stage of their business lifecycle to achieve their goals.
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