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Spring 2021
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Consumption tax
In December 2020 Japan's parliament is again considering reducing the rate of consumption tax (their equivalent to purchase tax or VAT) from 8% to 5% until end of 2022.

The 8% rate would then be phased  back in over two years.

What's happening now

We are filing annual corporate tax payments; consumption tax returns and payments and local GAAP statutory financial statements to keep our clients compliant.

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GST and BAS returns

Business Activity Statements and Goods and Services Tax are due to the Australian tax office.

Quarterly returns apply for businesses with turnover of less than AU$20 million.

What's happening now

We are filing BAS quarterly returns and payments for Quarter four of 2019 to keep our clients compliant.

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Unifying corporate tax

The OECD countries met in 2020 to formalise their plan for unifying corporate tax, and potentially raising around 4% more revenue.

Tech giants and other multi-nationals are most likely to bear the brunt.

What's happening now

OECD plan negotiations with new US president to get agreement to their plan by summer 2021.

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Cross-border trade and regulation

Following the UK's exit from the EU and the US's STOP Act coming into full force on 1 January 2021, new customs clearance procedures now need to be followed.

UK (January) and the EU (July) are also removing the VAT exemption on low value items crossing borders, which makes VAT applicable on even the smallest transfer.

Also in July the EU's import one-stop-shop (known as IOSS) for VAT compliance will come into force for cross border sales.  

Global Business Solutions - taking the strain

When expanding into new markets you need a lot of HR, accounting and compliance knowledge fast. That's where we step in.

Global Business Solutions is part of Crowe U.K. We have access to a network of accredited specialists in over 140 countries around the world.

Based in the UK, we coordinate global compliance for a large number of fast-growing international businesses. Our experienced teams focus on keeping global compliance up to date for their clients and providing associated advice for expansion and change.

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Richard Austin
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Azeem Zafar
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