Staying on top of trends that influence supply and demand is paramount for the safeguarding of real estate assets and mitigation of investment risk.

To better understand the implications for all businesses engaged in the property lifecycle, Crowe has conducted a forensic review of how space is being used and repurposed.

The repurposing revolution has begun, with sustainability and net zero serving as additional motivators. The utilisation of space is being reassessed to ensure and improve efficiency and safeguard margins, as well as a response to changing economic situations and occupier desires.
In response, spaces within existing asset classes are being changed and improved, while movement is being seen between and among asset classes as owners and investors realise that, in light of the changes outlined, certain spaces must be utilised in different ways.

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Rethinking space is at the top of the agenda

Our research aims to determine exactly what the industry is thinking and doing around space and value maximisation, gauging the opinions of owners, investors, brokers, managers, landlords, and tenants from across the UK. We explore:

The barriers to repurposing and challenges for those seeking to rethink space.
The evolving dynamics of a landlord-tenant relationships and the emphasis on the 'active landlord'. 
Sustainability increasingly coming into focus and energy efficiency driving demand for premium assets.
Government support and what the industry wants and needs to see change from a policy perspective.

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