Сorporate and labour law, intellectual property, currency regulation

Clients who come to us on this occasions receive the best solutions, combining with consideration of tax optimization.

Corporate law

Our services in the field of corporate law include "start-up" projects aimed at organization of the client activity in Ukraine "from scratch", as well as issues arising in the daily course of business of the existing companies.

In particular:

  • Development of the corporate structure of the group of companies;
  • Registration of LLCs, JSCs, other legal entities, as well as representative offices of foreign companies and joint ventures;
  • Obtaining permits and licenses, in particular, by entities of stock market and financial services markets;
  • Preparation of internal corporate documents;
  • Organizing internal corporate procedures, including for the purpose of further sale of the company;
  • Development of the internal control system.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In this area, Law Offices of Crowe LF Ukraine are ready to offer, in particular, the following services:

  • Legal assessment of the schemes for mergers and acquisitions of companies and / or assets;
  • Legal analysis of the risks and consequences for the target company and the investor;
  • Legal audit (due diligence) of the target company;
  • Preparation of agreements and other documents necessary for implementation of the acquisition;
  • The consent of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and other necessary permits in the state authorities;
  • Development of schemes of protection in case of a hostile acquisition;
  • Development of structures of holding companies;
  • Support of reorganization, restructuring of enterprises.

labor issues

  • correct dismissal of employees;
  • assistance in reskill of the labor relations to relations under the civil contract, and risk assessment connected with it;
  • collection of material losses from the employees;
  • resolution of labor disputes;
  • reporting and payment of travel expenses;
  • on-the-job training;
  • obtaining work permits for foreigners.

Intellectual property

Specialists of Crowe LF Ukraine provide full legal support and protection of intellectual property rights to its clients. Starting from the basic strategies of protection and ending with support in litigation in case of conflict.

From Crowe LF Ukraine you can get timely assistance in support of any transactions related to intellectual property. Our services in this area include, inter alia:

  • protection of copyright and related rights, maintenance of any relevant agreements;
  • protection of trademarks and other means of individualization;
  • support in various activities related to the use of intellectual property;
  • tax optimization of operations with intellectual property;
  • protection against unfair use of client intellectual property, including the protection against unfair competition and false advertising;
  • support of the deals of conclusion and operation of franchises;
  • support in the protection of confidential information and trade secrets.

In recent years requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine are getting tight for the companies working in foreign exchange market. Therefore, our customers often ask for advice:

  • how to receive a loan from a non-resident in a proper way;
  • how to get money from a non-resident and pay them to another non-resident without losing the funds as a result of the difference in rates;
  • how to lawfuly make a cross-cancellation of debts, etc.