Agricultural sector

Crowe LF Ukraine has unique experience in advising both agricultural holdings and individual landowners



Ukrainian Agri Council:

Since 2017 Crowe LF Ukraine specialists are tax and legal consultants for numerous members of the Ukrainian Agri Council, providing consultations for farmers and agricultural holdings in Hotline mode on various questions.


International Finance Corporation:

In 2018-19 Crowe LF Ukraine specialists were selected as consultants to the International Finance Corporation for the purpose of drafting and implementing of legislation on agricultural receipts.

Agrarian Committee of the Parliament of Ukraine:

Close cooperation within the Agrarian Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with the purpose of improving the legislation in the sphere of agriculture.


Every year we hold a series of seminars and trainings in different regions of Ukraine on current issues of agriculture, publish articles and take part in television programs for agribusiness.


Our services in structuring of agribusiness include:

• Development and coordination of an optimal structure of ownership and management of group of companies, including the creation of companies abroad;

• Development and approval of an Action Plan for the transition to a new Group Structure, including tax optimization of and compliance with the relevant legal requirements;
• coordination of actions to create a new Group Structure, including the creation (if necessary) of offshore companies and registration of property rights to them;

• development and coordination of optimal schemes of tax planning activities of the group, its financing and repatriation of profits.


Advocates union:

Agribusiness protection activity through the Advocates union Crowe AB Ukraine is demonstrated by numerous examples of  successful appeal of fiscal bodies’ acts at the administrative stage. Appeal in court gives the opportunity to recover costs of litigation.


Crowe LF Ukraine has legal and auditing specialists to provide comprehensive customer support for Agribusiness.

The specialists of Crowe LF Ukraine are recognized experts in tax and legal issues in various inustries, which is confirmed by active public activity in the following positions:

- Chairman of the Public Council of the Tax Committee of the Ministry of Economy,

- Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council for Taxation,

- Head of the Chamber of Tax Advisers,

- Chairman of the Tax Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine,

- Assistant to Ukrainian Parliament member,

- member of the editorial board of specialized publications,

- authors of numerous articles and publications,

- well-known coaches and speakers of profile seminars and conferences, etc.