Tax practice

You can call us if individual tax and law consultation is needed.

Crowe LF Ukraine litigation department successfully defended clients in disputes with tax authorities numerous times. This is achieved by professionalism of our lawyers, deep study of the evidence in each case and, most importantly, integrity.

  • protection of a large leasing company, when the tax authorities assigned additional tax liabilities for VAT and income tax, saying that a number of the company's operations were unprofitable and were not related to economic activity;
  • protection of international company that specializes in sales of cosmetics and perfumes, from unwarranted accusations of tax authorities in their relations with fictitious firms;
  • protection of large transport company from additional charges for income taxes due to the fact that the tax authorities re-categorized a number of company's operations;
  • protection of a company engaged in trade of office supplies and office equipment, from unfounded claims of tax authorities of the obtaining free services from the commissioner, of inflating the cost of the amount purchased by the freight forwarding, logistics and marketing services and of overstating the tax credit for a number of contractors who allegedly were not found at their location.
Note: it is wise to contact us before or immediately after the notices of tax inspection. In Crowe LF Ukraine practice there are non-trivial cases when tax notices turned out to be cancelled at the stage of the administrative appeal, without bringing the case to court.